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Dec 12, 2006 01:49 AM

Evil Cinnamon Buns



There's a bakery on the North wall of the Downsview Farmer's Market in the section with the actual produce. I wasn't so impressed by the looks of most of what she had, but the Cinnamon buns were wicked good. Not ooey-gooey and overly sweetened, but rich and doughy and cinnamony. Totally excellent, and still warm when she served them.

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  1. where is this farmers market exactly?

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    1. re: hungryabbey

      Sheppard Avenue, half way between The Allen and Keele St.

    2. have you been to bliss on queen st east?

      stopped by randomly one day on a croissant tour and couldn't decide what to try so grabbed a sticky bun at $1.50 a piece. good sized portion but rather than dense bready dough it was chewy and airy and delicious! it wasn't overly sweet or tooo sticky because of the sugar and a nice layer of crispy sugar had formed on the bottom. served warm it was fantastic with hints of spice. curious how the two compare, after having these i prefer them much more to the usual.

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