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Dec 12, 2006 01:34 AM

San Tung...what happened?

Mrs. Wineguy and I have eaten at San Tung on Irving Street dozens of times. Since we moved out of the neighborhood four years ago we haven't gone there as much. It has been about six months since we had eaten there so we were excited to go again. Mrs. Wineguy and I went for a late lunch Sunday and were very disappointed. Pork with Chinese Pickle Soup Noodles were severely lacking salt. Steamed Vegetarian Potstickers were gummy and over-steamed. Fried Potstickers were...tasteless. The only thing we liked was the Dried Tofu.

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  1. Honestly, it has been a shadow of it's former self both the one on Irving and 14? and the one the son(s) own on Irving at 25? The dingy hole in the wall one (which was replaced with the new store on 25th, Zen?) was the best. Gave you one of the best kimchi's out there, had a hint of ginger and very very crisp kim chee and not overly fermented. They don't give you any kimchee in the new store (well they've been around for a few years) and too "chic" for me.

    1. we are going to King Sing, the new place on 6th and Balboa (in the inner Richmond) -- seems like the chef may have moved there? not sure, but the food is really good, especially the dried fried chicken which we love.

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        I dropped in today for some potstickers. They were better than San Tung's the last time I went there. The waiter confirmed that the chef had worked at San Tung, as well as other restaurants previously

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          Well, apparently those owners of King Sing didn't stay in business very long after that last post. Mrs. Wineguy and I dropped in for lunch on Wednesday and the menu was completely different. We really enjoyed the food, even though it wasn't really what we had originally sought. We started out with an order of Potstickers ($4.95) that were just OK, but things got better soon. The Fried Dried Tofu w/Spicy Salt (4.75) was crisp on the outside and very silky inside. If I didn't have to go back to work, I probably would have enjoyed that with a cold beer. We also had an order of Yellow Chives Yee Foo Noodle ($5.95) that was very delicately flavored with the chives and had a wonderful earthy-mushroomy flavor as well. We needed to try the B.B.Q. Pork Egg Foo Young ($6.75) and were very pleased as they were light and souffle-like. All in all, we enjoyed our meal and will return. The waitress told me that the current owners have been there about 6 months.

          King Sing Mandarin
          501 Balboa St, San Francisco, CA 94118