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Dec 12, 2006 01:04 AM

Best Italian Sausage

Would like to hear some opinions about the best local homemade Italian sausage. I've been buying Monte Carlo's Burbank) for the last 20 years and it's certainly adequate. Don't remember how Claro's compared it's been so long. Other options? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Locally made narrows it down a bit. I like the Italian sausage from that meat stand in the Farmers Market. I like the texture which is more chunky than ground (for me that works better when simmered in a ragu for a couple of hours.) I also like the fact that they don't over season with fennel seed - it's very subtle.

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      Thanks!! I think there are several meat stands in there?

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        Sorry, I forgot the name of the stand but it's just to the north of M. Marcel market.

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          You are thinking of Hungtington Meats-- and yes they do have good sausages.

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        Well, it doesn't have to be local I suppose. Is there a good source you can recommend?

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          I like Fra Mani Italian sausages. I know that they have it at the Silver Lake Cheese store and other "upscale" places (you might be able to order it off their website too). It's pricey and can be on the fattier side but the flavor is really good. My sister just sent me 5 lbs of it so I had it for dinner tonight (braised in a tomato sauce and served over short fusilli). The pigs that they ultimately use are raised humanely and I think that pig farmers practice sustainable farming.

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                Ohhh. Thank you, thank you for recommending these delicious Fra Mani sausages. The freshness, quality and texture remind me of sausages I bought at a grocery store in Tuscany that I cooked up at our rental house while there. There should be a law that all sausages should be like this.

          1. You still cannot beat Claro's!! Hot or is freshly made and has a fantastic flavor.

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              I like Claro's a lot, but the little Italian deli down the street from me (corner of Mountain and North Lake, Pasadena) has'em beat on both price and goodness, IMO. A little finer ground, somewhat fewer gristle lumps, slightly richer flavor after a lot of simmering...nothing at all wrong with Claro's, though, if that's what is convenient for you. Beats hell out of Papa Cantella's...

            2. I enjoy Claro's cheese & parsley, and hot garlic sausages. If you can't make it over there, you can order from their web site. I have ordered various condiments and staples like canned tomatoes from them via the web and they are very good about customer service, going so far as to call me to clarify something on my order or ask if they can substitute something.


              1. i've asked this before - cannot remember if anyone asked - does anyone know if petrillo's uses claro's sausage ? it makes sense since they are practically neighbors in san gabriel.

                i tell you one thing, i'm seriously thinking about another food trip down valley blvd - last time i hit claro's tried to hit petrillo's but they weren't open, then 888, then a banh mi shop, this time i might add 10053 noodle and i gotta try that escapes me but it's about 1/4 to a 1/2 mile west from 888 a big bakery. maybe for banh mi i might have to hit lee's...the new location should be open by now...yes ?

                after my disappointment with the pizza in w. la, i think i need the tried and true petrillo's !!!

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                  Was that bakery Van's Bakery? I love their pandan cakes and taro cakes!

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                    Claro's is always closed on Sundays and Wednesdays, but open every other day as far as I know. Don't know their hours; I always get there around the middle of the day anyway, since I try to time my visits so that I can get one of their delicious sandwiches for lunch!

                  2. I don't have the expertise to make a comparison, but the sausage at Bob's Market in Santa Monica is really good.

                    I mention it because the other places in this thread are not that far West. I really cook sausages quite a bit (I'm not a great cook with big recipes, so sausages and carne asada are my stand-bys) and everyone always likes all the sausages from Bob's -- including the Italian.

                    And while it might be anathema to those seeking authenticity, the turkey Italian sausages are really good, too.

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                      Totally agree. I needed some spicy Italian sausage for a recipe that I'm preparing tonight. Although I picked up most of the ingredients at my local supermarket, I felt it was worth the drive over to Bob's Market to buy the sausage.