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Dec 12, 2006 12:31 AM

Tribute Lunch? (Detroit)

Has anyone been to Tribute for the December Lunch yet? Curious to hear if it is worth the trip.

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  1. I'm curious, too. The price for Tribute seems quite reasonable, but for a quick lunch, I'm not sure that Tribute's the place to go. With the exception of the burger, everything else they were offering for lunch at least sounded intriguing.

    Anyone been yet?

    1. If anyone remains curious about this. I went today for lunch, and I felt like they weren't trying their best to impress. The food was good, but certainly wasn't to the level that I expected.

      The restaurant itself was very nice, quiet despite it being totally booked. The room was pretty empty when we got there (noon) and a little more full when we left. The service was great from beginning to end, so that was as expected. The menu was fairly short as I had expected, the $20 includes Soup or Salad or Dessert with an Entree. 2 are available of Soup, Salad and Dessert, so the choice really lies in the 8 entrees.

      I started with the Corn Chowder, which was ok, a bit oily, although the bacon added some nice texture and flavor to it. Otherwise it was pretty plain and disappointing. My wife has the Yukon Gold Potato Soup, which had Truffle Oil. It smelled of the truffle oil and was quite heavy, but nothing spectactular. The presentation was nice, presenting warm bowls and pouring the soup in.

      For entrees, I had the Grilled Bistro Steak (short end of the tenderloin) with potatoes, mushrooms and red wine sauce. There was a good amount of steak, 2 fingerling potatoes, maybe 2 mushrooms and a small drizzle of sauce. The steak was very good, cooked pretty much perfectly, maybe a tiny bit over med-rare. The mushrooms were also nice and crispy and I would have liked more. The potatoes were pretty bland. My wife had the Roasted Salmon with tomatoes (2 small slices), pearl pasta, balsamic syrup and herb oil. It was also just ok. Good size piece of fish, cooked well, eveything else was fine.

      We actually ended up ordering the Fudge Brownie with milk shake for dessert. The brownie had fruit in it, not on the menu. It was ok, very rich and like a flourless cake.

      I'd say the lunch is worth it, but just barely. I think you get far less than 100% effort from the restaurant for lunch, and I didn't leave with the urgency to go back for dinner that I had hoped for.