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Where to find Belgian Frites in Los Angeles?

Where can I get Belgian-style french fries here in the LA area?

Preferably on the Westside.

The archives discuss a mythical place on the 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica called Bonita's Fries -- that has now unfortunately been closed for more than five years.

Any others?

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  1. Benita's was great - lots of sauces to choose from, etc. On the Promenade, Bravo Cucina makes that style of frites - but they don't serve the litany of sauces - never been to Oinkster but hear they do them Belgian style too

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      Oinkster has great Belgian fries with all homemade sauces. The homemade pastrami is deelish.

    2. This may sound strange, but Bravo Pizzeria on Main Street in Santa Monica makes twice-cooked, golden, crispy belgian frites which are served with your choice of several pretty good aiolis and dressings. I've had the real deal in Belgium (paper cone, slathered in sauce, eaten with a tiny pitchfork), and these are a very close approximation (minus the cone, end of batch sogginess and funny plastic cutlery).

      What's more, they can be subbed at no charge for the green salad served alongside the meatball sub.

      Speaking of the meatball sub at Bravo...this is a really, really good sandwich. The meatballs are a secret blend of veal/pork/beef, plus spices, and they're served in a nice marinara sauce.

      While you're there, skip the salads, and don't be sucked in by the amazing LOOKING cannoli covered in chocolate and stuffed to order w. pistachio laden cheese filling. They look better than they are (though they're not BAD by any stretch). Maybe I'm not meant to like cannoli.

      I have no idea why an italian joint like this serves fries, but they are definitely not an afterthought. It's as if the chef there used to work somewhere where fries were really important and imported the technique to his new gig.


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        Thanks for the recommendation!! Appreciate the detailed suggestions for what to try and avoid. I'll check them out and report back.

      2. Funny--first place that came to mind "not" to go to was Oinkster. My first and only experience with their fries, were they were basically limp and expensive for what they were supposed to be.

        1. duck fat fries at bin 8945.

          1. Not the Westside, but you might be interested in this recent post about Max's in "the" Valley:



            1. Can't believe nobody has mentioned Father's Office on Montana. I don't know what makes frites frites besides skinniness, but if that's it, then FO frites are the best. Skinny, perfectly seasoned, and served with aioli that is the food of the gods.

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                Can't believe anyone would order the frites at FO when the sweet potato version is even better!

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                  We'll have to agree to disagree on that one. Plenty to go around!

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                    ditto -- can't bring myself to order both, but just cannot pass up the best sweet potato fries in town.

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                      The sweet potato is indeed where it's AT at FO...


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                        Concur. Though after standing around waiting for a seat to open up, you might want to maximize and bypass both regular and sweet potato fries and head straight to the Chimay.

                        (I always get the sweet potato fries, though.)

                    2. The fries at The Library Alehouse are very reminiscent of the ones I ate in Bruges off the street vendors, but are thicker cut than the ones I usually get with a moules or steak frites.

                      1. I've had great frites with my great steak at Bistro de la Gare in South Pas. I've also had so-so frites and steak there...as in the case of Oinkster, I suppose it's luck of the draw, unless you have the same brilliant frites-savant cooking every single batch. I say this because there was such a person at a now-defunct place in Nashville. Every piece of potato he fried emerged as a crust of golden fragility surrounding a cloud of potato-flavored air. Now, a fry has to be pretty bad before I'll refuse to eat it, but having tasted perfection at least I know what to look for...

                        1. I have great memories of Benita's, but also wonder how accurate my memories are. I had really good fries at Bistro de la Gare w/the steak, but they couldn't seem to drum up any mayo(!). They make them thin-cut. Oinkster is a bit thicker and seems to be hit-or-miss, but they do have some nice sauces. At Oinkster I think you have to ask for 'well done,' and then i've found that you get a mixed bag—some fries are crispy, some are too crunchy, and about 2-3 fries are just perfect. I'd like to try the duck fries at that number place. It seems like chefs have the best luck with the thinner cut, unless—it seems—you want to talk about using more exotic fats like duck, lard, or goodness knows...

                          1. Definitely the duck fat french fries at Bin 8945! I've had the fries at Oinkster at least 3 times (including today for lunch) and have loved them everytime.

                            1. I loved Benita's, too.

                              It's far from the Westside, but the fries at Gorikee, served with their fabulous onion marmalade burger, are fabulous. Perfectly cooked, coated with just the right amount of spicy dust. yummy!

                              1. Funny nobody mentioned the fries in the LA Times article for 'what a deal' - Skooby's Hot Dogs. I haven't tried it.

                                I too missed Benitas. I guess from the responses there is no standalone french fries places like Benita's that just sells French Fries. There used to be one in Old Town Pasadena a while back, but that also went away.