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Dec 12, 2006 12:04 AM

Excellent SOUTH Indian near UCLA (or LAX) - ??


Am hosting a friend, a Bangalore native, for lunch.

This will be a quick LA visit for him and we don't have time to go to Artesia...
does anyone know of a place for EXCELLENT *South* Indian food either near UCLA, or near LAX, or anywhere in either radius around the 405?

Would appreciate all feedback. Thanks!!

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  1. Try Annapurna on Venice. Pretty good dosas. Salty. But I had an ok masala dosa there.

    1. do you need a 'real' restaurant with waiter service, real plates, an extensive menu, etc?

      if you can tolorate a self serve place with excellent food, served on styrofoam plates, with a limited selection, the place to go would be samosa house/bharat bazaar. it is located within a market that specializes in indian foodstuffs.

      obviously, it mostly caters to locals, who want a consistently good meal but are not 'entertaining.

      anapurna is a 'real' restaurant , bharat bazaar/samosa house is more of a casual lunch spot, but imho the food at bharat bazaar/samosa house is better.

      Samosa House [formerly Bharat Bazaar]
      11510 West Washington Blvd
      Culver City, CA 90232

      when i googled them, two phone numbers came up, i don't know which is correct:
      (310) 398-6766

      1. i would not classify annapurna as "excellent", but it may be the best south indian food you can get with your constraints. i think the food at bharat bazaar is great, but their south indian food (dosas), while adequate, is not great.

        not quite within your geographic constraints (tho closer than artesia), and serving more madras (oops, chennai) food rather than bangalore (oops, bengalooru) food, try parus. dont think they are open for lunch though.

        5140 W. Sunset Blvd. (at Normandie Ave.)
        Los Angeles, CA 90027