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Dec 11, 2006 11:57 PM

Dal Rae

We just went there a couple of weeks ago with a bunch of friends to celebrate a birthday. We really enjoyed the food as well as the service. The decor and atmosphere is a bit dated, in fact, a friend said that it reminded him of The Regal Beagle from Three's Company. We joked how it reminded us of something out of a mob movie. We all gave each other gangster names that night. My name was domino. That aside, the food is what really stands out here. I ordered the Pepper Steak, my friend ordered the Filet and King Crab Legs and both were excellent. For appetizers we had the baked brie, stuffed mushrooms, escargot, and the shrimp scampi and all were wonderful. I have never been there even though I have lived in Pico River all of my life. If you live nearby then you should make an effort to check it out.

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  1. LOVE THIS PLACE! It's retro, but original retro. I would NEVER call that dated, we are lucky to have the few old school places left!

    The drinks there are awesome. The tableside prep of several dishes is great fun. The wedge salad is so simple, but so good. Their bread basket and relish tray are real treats as well.

    End the night with some Bananas Foster flambe and you are really livin' the high life!

    1. I tried Dal Rae for the first time last September and I have to say that so far it's my favorite steakhouse. :) I also took lots of pictures, so see link below:


      1. Dal Rae is one of our favorite places. The Pepper Steak there is very unique and one of their signature dishes. I'm a fan of the Steak Diane there and their tableside Caesar is hard to beat. Service has always been top notch. Excellent place. One of the very few places in the LA/OC area that does real tableside service regularly and well for a number of menu items.

        It is definitely Old School... you can completely imagine Frank, Dean and their pallies hangin' out there eating big steaks drowned by scotch and martinis. The really cool thing is they started out like that in the 50's and kept it that way... they aren't trying to go retro to be cool. They've always been what they are. There are waitstaff there that have been there 25+ years... I love that... so few truly professional waiters/waitresses in LA.

        1. Dal Rae is so cool. These guys are pros and it totally blows away any of those nouveau riche Westside actor/poseur steakhouses.

          1. is it just open for dinner or lunch too? and can one pop in for a drink and steak or more of a special occasion places (with waiters in tuxedos, et al).