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Dec 11, 2006 11:54 PM

Coming Home: Need Recs for Pasadena brunch & beach dinner

Coming back home for the holidays. I will be there for over a week, but I have one day to show my girlfriend around. We're looking for mid range brunch in Pasadena area for 5 people and then, after a day of driving around, perhaps a dinner spot by the beach. Gladstone's is so cliche, so I was hoping for something a little nicer. Not necessarily upscale, but nicer.

Somewhat flexible onl the locations.


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  1. I would go to Julienne in San Marino for brunch. Good food, nice amtosphere and the prices are reasonable.

    The other option is Marston's but the wait is bad and I think the food and atmosphere is better at Julienne.

    Less brunchy in that it's a bakery but Europane is the place not to miss in Pasadena.

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      Thanks. Julienne is a good idea.

    2. ICugini in Santa Monica for dinner. Ask to sit out on the patio. Great people watching, not as loud as The Lobster -- although if you wish, The Lobster has better views.

      Post-dinner, stroll on 3rd street promenade!

      1. On the beach end, Geoffrey's. Or, for big bucks, Ivy at the Shore.