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Dec 11, 2006 11:29 PM

Wolfgang Puck chicken broth question?

I just bought this and when I opened it and poured was white? White like milk? It tasted ok but I was quite shocked to say the least. ( I have used the beef version which looked great ) The carton says " Roasted chicken as the 1st ingredient and I would have thought it would have looked like a good home made chicken stock. Any thoughts? Thanks

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  1. Just read this:
    It stated that the broth should be brown.

    I haven't tried WP chicken broth tho...

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    1. re: Displaced California Foodie

      Well that is why I was a little freaked out. I have made my own chicken stock in the past and it looked brown as per your link. Just can't figure out why it was white? If it was some no name brand I would just put it down to a bad receipe, chuck it and never buy it again. But this is Wolfgang's for darn sake!

      1. re: tunapet

        Funny- I was looking at a carton of it yesterday at whole foods---did not buy it tho...I am glad now---yeecch

    2. Oh no I would toss it, that does not sound right at all. If it were me I'd never enjoy what I made with it anyway.

      1. I suggest notifying your grocery store, and even the producers of the WP broth, and perhaps returning the containter or label. If there is something wrong with it, they will want to track the lot and source the problem. With the raw veggie problems of recent days, food processors are hyper sensitive to any safety issues.

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        1. re: SanseiDesigns

          Just got this reply to my email. I won't be using the coupons to buy anymore!

          Thank you for your e-mail notifying us of your concerns relating to the new line of Wolfgang Puck’s Stocks and Broths. We truly appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us. It is because of consumers like you, who bring these sorts of issues to our attention, that we are better able to serve you. I will report your comments to our Quality Assurance Manager at the factory.

          We were sorry to hear of your experience with this product and hope that this will not prevent you from trying other varieties of Wolfgang Puck’s Stocks and Broths in the future.

          Your All Natural Roasted Chicken Stock is safe to use. The formulation (homogenization) of this product contributes to its unique flavor profile. It is not spoiled.

          Once again we thank you for taking the time to contact us. I will be sending free coupons by mail so that you will be able to sample other varieties of Wolfgang Puck’s Stock and Broth collection, and hope that your next experience with our products will be a more pleasant one.

          On 12/12/2006 09:29:08, the following comments were sent to us:

          > I purchased the " All natural roasted chicken stock". When I opened it it was the color and consistency of skim milk. Is this safe to use?


          Thank you for contacting Wolfgang Puck Soups!

        2. I bought a carton of that recently since it was on sale and it was a very rich, dark brown. Sounds like something was wrong with your carton. I would definitely toss it.