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Dec 11, 2006 11:09 PM

Dim Sum in San Bruno area?

My coworker and I were remarking today that it would be nice to find a good dim sum place around San Bruno (where we work) - anyone know of a good place?

The only place I can think of is Hong Kong Flower Lounge in Millbrae but as I remember, it's fairly pricey.

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  1. There's the old HKFL, and Zen Butterfly, The Kitchen, Fook Yuen, and HKFL, all in Millbrae, in order of appearance on El Camino from San Bruno south through Millbrae. The prices are all about the same.

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      Is there one that you prefer over another?

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        I'd stay away from Fook Yuen for the time being. Here's my recent post on dim sum there -

        "Old HK Flower Lounge" is Hong Kong Pavilion.

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          "Zen Butterfly" - Did you mean Zen Peninsula in Millbrae

        2. Yes, Zen Peninsula, in Chinese, my mom refers to it as Butterfly, 'cause that's what it is in Chinese. They have butterfly balloons in the dining room. I love their cha shu gow, and they used to have the most awesome portuguese egg tarts. I think each one has certain dishes I like better than the other. I grew up in Millbrae, so sorry if I didn't get the name right for HK Pavilion. Haven't been there for a long time, so can't comment on the quality. We recently went to the HKFL and it was very good. We were there on a Sunday and they were very good at keeping the trays of food coming. One of the things about Dim Sum is that sometimes you have to wait a long time between dishes, but on weekdays, you usually can order from the list they leave at the table. I've never really liked Fook Yuen, though, many people have loved it in the past. We also recently ate at The Kitchen and it's not great, though not bad. Their rice rolls with beef/shrimp aren't that good, but everything else is fine.

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            Peppatty, thanks for the clarification on the Zen Butterfly name! Wish I could read/speak Chinese... Should have tried to learn about 50 yrs ago or so! Too daunting a task at this point in life; my ears just don't work well enough to hear the tones - maybe in another life!

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              I still haven't had the pleasure of Zen Peninsula's egg tarts. I think they're a weekend-only item.

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                i actually like the carts because i never know the names of dishes so i always order the wrong thing!

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                  If you want to know the names of the most popular dim sum (and some unusual ones,) then you should get the following inexpensive book: __Dim Sum: A Pocket Guide__ by Kit Shan Li. For each item there is a photograph, the Chinese name, pronunciation, a description of the item -- wrapper, filling, etc. It's small enough to keep in your purse.

                  Here's a link to more info:


              2. I've been to HKFL (weekend) and The Kitchen (weekday) recently - I'd say Kitchen was a bit better. The wrappers on the steamed dumplings where too soft at HKFL. I did like the braised dishes at HKFL though (tripe and feet). I haven't been to Zen in months but when I was there I liked it very much. Never really liked Fook Yuen either.

                1. if you want to get off the millbrae dimsum strip, there's also a place on grand ave. in south SF, near city hall. never tried it, but it looks like a fairly posh large hk style resto. just take spruce up from el camino to grand.

                  1. Echo, sounds like you're referring to Grand Palace. I put up a post the other day asking for input but didn't get too much back. I guess I'll just have to give it a try one of these days! Pretty nice website. Here's the link to the thread: