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Dec 11, 2006 10:57 PM

What's new in Hell's Kitchen...NY's, not Ramsey's?

Looking for something new for pre-theater. Trattoria/bistro kind of deal. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. There's new bistro on 9th Ave & 52 called Bistro 52. I went by on Sat afternoon and it didnt look open for lunch, but it is open for dinner. I look forward to trying it...

    1. Ora's right, except it's Brasserie 52. Not sure quite yet--only been once. More soon.

      There's also Tartare (45th/9th), which is just OK, but has the huge advantage of not only being BYOB, but a few doors down from the 9th Avenue Vintner.

      Also Mantra further north on 9th Ave., but we haven't been yet.



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        Nosher, how was Brasserie 52? I've been walking by it, but haven't stepped in yet.

      2. Actually, I'll add something.

        There's a new and TINY Japanese sushi restaurant that just opened a couple of weeks ago on the corner of 50th st and 8th ave, in the World Wide Plaza building and facing Rite Aid. It's opposite the Long Acre House entrance and extremely easy to miss.

        I think the name is "Sushi Jun" or something similar. The one time I went, the fish was fresh and the place was intimate. They had some kinks that needed working out though, as I saw one table wait extremely long for their food.

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          I've seen this place and have been thinking about going in-- is it open for dinner as well as lunch?



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            Sorry, I have no clue about their lunch hours.

        2. this sounds great - I have been trying to find a good low key sushi place in the neighborhood - what did you have? can you describe it a bit more? anyone else been?

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            I'm actually not sure what we ordered. I know we got a lot of sushi and sashimi, along with a variety of appetizers. My general recollection was that the fish was fresh, some of the nigiri sushi could have used a little less wasabi and a little less rice, and that the restaurant is super small. The appetizers were tasty though, I think the salmon fluke (?) or something was good.

            I suggest you give it a shot and see what you think. I know they were only open for a few days when I went, so things may be slightly different by now.