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good asian in denver?

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i have searched the other posts, and unfortunately, most posts date back to 2001 and since i am new to the area, not very thrilled to venturing out for some of these just to find they no longer exist... so, i would like recommendations on good thai, vietnamese, cantonese/chinese and especially dim sum.

I gathered from the other posts the following for dim sum:
1. Super Star Asian (2200 W. Alameda)
2. King's Land Seafood Restaurant (Zuni and Alameda-east of Federal on south side of Alameda in a strip mall-looking plaza)
3. The Empress Seafood Restaurant (2825 Alameda and Federal just past the Dairy Queen)

and recall best thai as "Yummy Yummy" but i couldnt find it in the yellow pages...

any and all new suggestions are welcome - thx!!

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  1. Not sure I can speak to good but I have a few favorite Thai and Vietnamese places. Cannot speak to well about Chinese dining.

    Its the aptly named Yummy Yummy Tasty Thai. Still open. I think they may have more then one location now? Not sure if this is still the number. 720-858-9121.

    For Thai I like:
    Thai Bistro in Littleton:

    Or Pattaya in Lakewood:

    This place just got a write up in one of the papers. Have not been yet.

    Vietnam House
    New Saigon
    If you are looking for more modern/updated Vietnamese

    1. Though the recs. go back a bit, Thai Bistro & Vientnam House were great.

      You might want to try Ming Dynasty (Mississippi, just off of Colorado Blvd, probably officially Glendale) for Chinese. Every trip back to Den, this is a must-do for us.

      A bit east, New Orient (Iliff, just off of Havana) was a great, little Pacific Rim spot. The Honey Glazed Halibut was worth the drive from anywhere in the Metro Area.

      For sushi and some tempura, we like Kenny Sonoda's Sonada's(Parker Rd, at about Oakland, give, or take a block). His tempura calamari appetizer (I'd do three as an entree) were up near the top and the sushi was quite good, for not being on a coast. I've heard that the Lo-Do location wasn't quite up to the one out in the hinterlands.


      1. thanks for the replies, great suggestions i will look up... any reaffirmations on great dim sum from the ones i found listed?

        1. Superstar Asian is far and away the best place in Denver for dim sum. Don't even bother with King's Land or the Empress - they don't even come close to Superstar Asian. For Vietnamese, I highly recommend both Dalat and New Saigon for classic Vietnamese cuisine and the far more hip Parallel 17 for contemporary rifts on Vietnamese fare. Yummy Yummy closed its original Aurora location, but they reopened in Lousiville, just east of Boulder, in a strip mall. Closer to Denver, US Thai (in Edgewater)is amazing, as is TV Cuisine (acronym for Thai/Vietnamese) in Wheat Ridge, just off I-70 and Kipling. I haven't delved into the Vietnamese side of TV Cuisine's menu, but their Thai curries, larb, and Tom Yum are all incredible. And if you want unbelievably authentic Chinese food, have an intrepid appetite for adventure and aren't squeamish about foreign foodstuffs on your plate, definitely go to JJ's Chinese, at 1048 S. Federal.

          1. What's your idea of "Asia"? India? China? Japan? Thailand? Vietnam? All these countries' cuisines are well represented in metro Denver, as are various fusion restaurants.

            Yummy Yummy Thai has moved to Louisville -- I think to S. Boulder Rd. A number of little (and not so little) Pho restaurants around the metro area -- along Federal and Alameda and scattered in Arvada.

            1. I've always enjoyed what I ordered at the Tuk Tuk's in Lakewood. The Tuk Tuk's in Broomfield is okay, but I didn't like the food as much, although the decor is a bit better than the Lakewood one. The menus are also slightly different.

              For general Chinese food, I think Hoong's Palace in the DTC is simply outstanding. As an extra bonus, it has a nice atmosphere.

              1. jotting down all these great recommendations... now, on another related question, anyone know a good thai/chinese ethnic market? i just visited M Mart on Havana and even though large and very nice, had a korean/japanese bias and was not able to find what i wanted... any suggestions?

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                  There are a slew of Asian grocers and markets on "Silk Row," otherwise known as Federal Blvd. Hit all the markets at the Far East Center, on the west side of the street on Federal at Alameda. You will find myriad Thai and Chinese ingredients there. There's another sprawling Asian market directly next door to Superstar Asian, also on Alameda, just east of Federal. If you find yourself downtown, don't miss Pacific Mercantile at 1925 Lawrence St. in Sakura Square.

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                    M Mart is about the best Asian Market in Denver that I know of, maybe you can be more specific on what you are looking for, and someone might be able to direct you better based on that.

                    There is a great Vietnamese restaurant caddy-corner to M Mart (right next door to the Subway). I don't know the name, but have eaten there many, many times, and never been disappointed. Just ignore the unsavory people in the parking lot (for some reason, this location attracts them).

                  2. For both food and a market in one location, you should head to the Federal Center on the Southwest corner of Federal and Alameda.

                    In the square, I personally like Thai Hiep for Vietnamese (and Chinese), but have also eaten at the restaurant right next door, and it was also good. I absolutely love their "roll your own spring rolls" (check my other posts for my lament about finding a similar dish in Phoenix).

                    I also like Sakura Square downtown for their Asian market. It is mostly Japanese focused, but they have a large selection, helpful staff (which can be difficult in some of these ethnic groceries), and reasonable prices (especially for being right downtown).

                    1. I think it was mentioned before, but in case it wasn't I would strongly recommend "Domo" which is just south of the light rail station on Colfax (at Auraria Campus) for Japanese food.

                      It is "country-style", and authentic (from what I know), delicious, and a truly unique atmosphere. Really wonderful, and one of a kind.

                      1. Thanks for the update on Yummy Yummy.
                        FYI - US Thai got a good review in todays Denver Post and according to Westword Vietnam House hs closed. Oh well.

                        1. So, I finally made it out to the Silk Row, basically drove around and then decided to check out/pick up a menu at Superstar Asian for their Dim Sum offerings, as I plan to eat there later this month. While at this same plaza, on 2200 W Alameda, which also houses Kings Land, I found two asian markets which had everything I could wish for - one was VIET HOA MARKET, enormous store and lots of chinese, vietnamese, thai, and some japanese and phillipine offerings, and the other was a couple doors over from Superstar called PACIFIC something MARKET, which was pretty good but not as big. Very decent prices in both.

                          Curious, is King Land's or Empress dim sum cheaper in price than Superstar, anyone know? I found the prices for Superstar (one order HAR GOW $2.95) rather high compared to Philly chinatown... just curious...

                          1. There are a bunch of great places listed...my favorites are Yummy Yummy and TV Cuisine. There's a chinese place in Arvada 'Tea Garden' that makes westernized cantonese dishes with really top notch ingredients...ie big chunks of white meat chicken, good beef, fresh vegetables, etc. Not so authentic, but very good.
                            Yummy Yummy has the same grandma in the kitchen and some new clueless guy helping out in the dining room. If you had been to the Colfax location grandma did everything, but now she just comes out every ten minutes or so to check on everyone. It's still unbelievable food. I didn't see anything about cooking classes, which she used to have on Sundays at the Colfax location. YOU MUST TRY THE COCONUT ICE CREAM if you eat at YY....just get it to go because you'll find yourself ordering more if you stay, and by that time you've had enough, no matter what your taste buds tell you.
                            On 120th and Main in Broomfield there is Pacific Ocean Market. It's a really weird mix of an Asian mom and pop grocery with westernized supermarket. The place is huge by Asian standards, and they have really eclectic selection. For instance, you cannot find fresh Durian(malay and thai fruit) but you can find frozen Durian to make pudding. The selection of fish and dried meats is impressive. Thinking about it, it's like an indoor wet market/herb store/produce combination.
                            For Pho, my pick for best in class is Pho 88 just E of wadsworth and N of 88th, in the Home Depot strip mall. The tendon and beef combo pho is a favorite.

                            I need to get to Superstar Asian. Do they serve by cart, is it buffet style, or a la carte ordering? I'm looking for a place with carts and little old chinese ladies fighting for the table by the kitchen door to be the first to catch the cart.

                            Hope you find what you're looking for. If you have a specific dish in mind, post it here. I've been looking for a decent chiu chow style lemon chicken and can't seem to find one...if anyone has ideas for a place to try, I'd appreciate hearing about it.


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                            1. re: TNC

                              Heard several recommendations for JJs Chinese (Federal) for authentic chinese. Yummy Yummy Thai has closed according to other posters, they opened in Louisville near Boulder.

                              I didnt eat there but when I stopped by at Superstar Asian for a dim sum menu, the lady said they push the carts around. They open around 11 am M-F, 10:30 am Sat-Sun. They serve dim sum all day.

                              By the way, Indian counts as asian.... any recommended Indian restaurant in Denver other than these I have seen other posters mention?

                              - Royal Peacock.
                              - Delhi Darbar
                              - Taj upstairs @ Basemar Center
                              - Maharaja
                              - Masalaa

                              1. re: floyd

                                Expect a flurry of rolling carts on the weekends at Superstar Asian, coupled with lengthy waits if you arrive at noon. During the week, the carts still roll, but it's not nearly as busy. Of course, the dim sum selection on weekdays isn't as diverse as on the weekends, but don't let that deter you -- there's still plenty to choose from. Superstar Asian is reviewed is this month's issue of Colorado AvidGolfer Magazine. As for Indian food, India's in Denver is superb, as is Masalaa, which is strictly vegetarian. Chutney's, which just opened in Castle Pines, south of Denver, is also excellent and certainly the most opulent of the metro area's Indian palaces.

                                As for Yummy Yummy, Pim Fitt is the chef/owner, and she's utterly delightful. The "clueless guy" in the dining room, to whom TNC refers, is none other than her husband. I wouldn't call him clueless -- just a little scattered. And, yes, her Sunday morning cooking classes are brilliant. It's usually just you and her in the kitchen, and she definitely encourages a hands-on approach.

                                1. re: gastronaughty

                                  I'll go with scattered. The reason I say clueless....
                                  I went in to pick up an order. He says "Huh? Pickup? What do you want to pickup?" After explaining to him I ordered food Pim came out and recognized my voice, told me it would be about ten minutes. I went out for a walk and came back in, sitting in the side room. The husband saw me and rushed over with water, napkin, silver, etc. I explained again about picking up food, and he looked at me againg like I was from another planet. While waiting, I saw him filling up water glasses...at two of the tables in the restaurant, until one of the people at the other tables asked if they could have some too. It was amusing to be on the sideline, but people were getting frustrated. Then I saw my order being boxed, so I paid quickly and took off. Nothing spoils thai quicker than steaming in takeout containers :-)

                                  Thanks for the info about Superstar. Sounds like early on a weekend would be perfect.

                                2. re: floyd

                                  Thanks for the JJs rec.
                                  For Indian, the india's rec below is best in Denver, I believe. It's just E of I-25 and Hampden.
                                  India House is overpriced but very good. For spicy indian and samosas I like Tandoori Grill in Boulder. Savory I like a place off pearl and 17th in Boulder, the name escapes me. Butter Chicken I remember being very tasty. Yak and Yeti on US36 and Sheridan is my local favorite(yes, I'm in the N end of metro area).
                                  You will get recs for masalaa; I don't think it's great. Only went once, so maybe not the best reference but the palak paneer tasted burnt.
                                  I've heard there is a great Nepalese place in Loveland, but I haven't been able to try it yet.


                              2. Not quite Indian but in some ways similar and not quite in Denver (but in Boulder, as is Taj) is Sherpa Adventure (Walnut, west of Ninth). It is a Nepalese restaurent, organizer or trip to Nepal and some womehow involved in organizing volunteer medical missions (not religious, medical only) to Nepal.

                                1. Re "I like a place off pearl and 17th in Boulder, the name escapes me." You're probably thinking of the place that was called something before it was called Saffron. It's gone. A bicycle store is in that space now.

                                  1. For the past 22 years our favorite Chinese neighborhood has been Red Coral on Colorado Blvd at Iowa. Try their Kung Pao Beef - it's like Chinese chicken fried steak in kung pao sauce.
                                    For sushi, there is a little place in a strip center in Aurora called Hana Sushi. Very good.

                                    1. I too have been to the market Viet Hoa Market on Almeda it is a great place with lots of Asian delights. The checker told me if I came in the after noon someone would walk around with me and tell me the difference in the items offered. The hardest part for me was I can't read the labels on some and there is so many to choice from that they are willing to help out. I'm a Chef and love this place and could spend a day roaming. They have a great array of ramen noodles. The ones I choose rocked and don't compare to the ones you get at the local grocer. They also have a great selection of seseame oils that are cheap. Good luck in your search for your Asian delihgts.

                                      1. Super Star Asian is a great place to go for dim sum. We've been twice in the last few months and they have tons of carts on the weekends, offering more than we could possibly try in a single visit. It's reasonable, too.

                                        In Boulder a good place to shop for Asian ingredients is the markets at 28th and Valmont. The Asian Market is pretty good but mighty crammed with stuff, and India's Grocery is a chain that's opened several stores around the metro area in the past couple of years.

                                        In north Denver, I've heard good things about the fish market on 120th near Federal (I think). I like the Indian restaurant over at 104th and Federal, which was recently positively reviewed in Westword (1-2 months ago). (Although I once long ago brought my adopted daughter and the proprietor said, "What did you name her? You probably named her Debbie or something.") The food was excellent, though -- and my daughter liked it, too. Theirs was the first tandoori chicken she enjoyed.

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                                          hi- I would echo the votes for SuperStar Asian and Parallel 17. Also, for Thai - I just went to a place called Chada Thai on 17th and ?? (can't remember the cross street, maybe High?). It's on the same block as Thin Man / St. Mark's / Il Posto (right next to Il Posto). The larb was great!

                                          1. re: philly150

                                            Chada Thai is terrific. The family opened the first Thai restaurant not just in Denver, not just in Colorado, but inthe entire US.

                                            Yummy Yummy in Louisville is unfortunately also closed. I fear it's gone for good.

                                            1. re: ClaireWalter

                                              New Saigon has been mentioned here. They became known years ago, and have been living off false noteriety since. It tends toward bland americanized flavor and portions are extremely unfair.

                                              The best Chinese restaurant in Denver is Chopsticks Bistro on Federal and Missisippi. Three sauce chicken and the sea bass are phenomenal.

                                        2. As far as Asian goes, Federal in Lakewood is the place to go. I'm from Hong Kong myself, so I'll just focus on Chinese food. Kings land is not a place for good Chinese food, everything is smothered in grease. Superstar has some awesome dim sum. Chopsticks has really good authentic sezhuan dinners. and Lau Wang's Noodle shop is great for their Siu long bau (soup dumpling) and great Shanghai noodles!! tasty!!!!

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                                          1. re: calibretto

                                            Interesting that Calibretto found Kings Land to be "not the place to go." A group of us Hounds met there for dim sum not long ago and found it to be outstanding -- including a California-born Hound who is a first-generation Chinese-American. Maybe KL is at it's best with dim sum.

                                            1. re: ClaireWalter

                                              Yeah, I'm not sure I agree with you, Calibretto, about the greasiness at KL; I didn't find that to be the case at all. I do, however, agree with you about Chopsticks. Great duck.

                                              Interesting about JJ's. I wouldn't have guessed it. Will have to check it out.

                                          2. THIS IS NOT IN THE SAME REALM...BUT FOR DIFFERENT ASIAN...THIS IS ONE TO LOOK UP....
                                            SEOUL KOREAN BBQ
                                            SO. HAVANA AT EVANS....
                                            BEAUTIFUL ROOM, GOOD ASIAN BBQ
                                            SOMETHING OUT OF THE TRADITIONAL THAI, VIET, CHINESE, JAPANESE......
                                            LUNCH SPECIALS AT $7.95...KILLER
                                            TONS OF PUNCHON(SIDE DISH ACCOMPANYMENTS)
                                            FRESH AND WONDERFUL!!!!

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                                              I'm afraid I can't agree. Han Kang two blocks North at Jewel and Evans is far better.

                                            2. Best Asian in Denver is Vietnamese @ New Saigon on Federal. Right around the corner from Empress and Kings Land ... and MUCH better. Closed on Mondays.

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                                                Well, I'd say that one of the best Vietnamese places is New Saigon, but I can't say 'Best Asian'.

                                                For Pho... Pho Duy, Pho 888 and Pho 95 all offer good options.