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Dec 11, 2006 10:35 PM

good asian in denver?

i have searched the other posts, and unfortunately, most posts date back to 2001 and since i am new to the area, not very thrilled to venturing out for some of these just to find they no longer exist... so, i would like recommendations on good thai, vietnamese, cantonese/chinese and especially dim sum.

I gathered from the other posts the following for dim sum:
1. Super Star Asian (2200 W. Alameda)
2. King's Land Seafood Restaurant (Zuni and Alameda-east of Federal on south side of Alameda in a strip mall-looking plaza)
3. The Empress Seafood Restaurant (2825 Alameda and Federal just past the Dairy Queen)

and recall best thai as "Yummy Yummy" but i couldnt find it in the yellow pages...

any and all new suggestions are welcome - thx!!

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  1. Not sure I can speak to good but I have a few favorite Thai and Vietnamese places. Cannot speak to well about Chinese dining.

    Its the aptly named Yummy Yummy Tasty Thai. Still open. I think they may have more then one location now? Not sure if this is still the number. 720-858-9121.

    For Thai I like:
    Thai Bistro in Littleton:

    Or Pattaya in Lakewood:

    This place just got a write up in one of the papers. Have not been yet.

    Vietnam House
    New Saigon
    If you are looking for more modern/updated Vietnamese

    1. Though the recs. go back a bit, Thai Bistro & Vientnam House were great.

      You might want to try Ming Dynasty (Mississippi, just off of Colorado Blvd, probably officially Glendale) for Chinese. Every trip back to Den, this is a must-do for us.

      A bit east, New Orient (Iliff, just off of Havana) was a great, little Pacific Rim spot. The Honey Glazed Halibut was worth the drive from anywhere in the Metro Area.

      For sushi and some tempura, we like Kenny Sonoda's Sonada's(Parker Rd, at about Oakland, give, or take a block). His tempura calamari appetizer (I'd do three as an entree) were up near the top and the sushi was quite good, for not being on a coast. I've heard that the Lo-Do location wasn't quite up to the one out in the hinterlands.


      1. thanks for the replies, great suggestions i will look up... any reaffirmations on great dim sum from the ones i found listed?

        1. Superstar Asian is far and away the best place in Denver for dim sum. Don't even bother with King's Land or the Empress - they don't even come close to Superstar Asian. For Vietnamese, I highly recommend both Dalat and New Saigon for classic Vietnamese cuisine and the far more hip Parallel 17 for contemporary rifts on Vietnamese fare. Yummy Yummy closed its original Aurora location, but they reopened in Lousiville, just east of Boulder, in a strip mall. Closer to Denver, US Thai (in Edgewater)is amazing, as is TV Cuisine (acronym for Thai/Vietnamese) in Wheat Ridge, just off I-70 and Kipling. I haven't delved into the Vietnamese side of TV Cuisine's menu, but their Thai curries, larb, and Tom Yum are all incredible. And if you want unbelievably authentic Chinese food, have an intrepid appetite for adventure and aren't squeamish about foreign foodstuffs on your plate, definitely go to JJ's Chinese, at 1048 S. Federal.

          1. What's your idea of "Asia"? India? China? Japan? Thailand? Vietnam? All these countries' cuisines are well represented in metro Denver, as are various fusion restaurants.

            Yummy Yummy Thai has moved to Louisville -- I think to S. Boulder Rd. A number of little (and not so little) Pho restaurants around the metro area -- along Federal and Alameda and scattered in Arvada.