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Dec 11, 2006 09:59 PM

Sally's Fish Camp in Hartford

Brought to you by the owners of Black-Eyed Sally's...

Anyone been here yet?

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  1. This place used to be pastisse - no? What the heck did they do here. They had a great place and they decide to throw a great little restaurant out the window and start with a new concept? Like Todd English wanting to wake up as Julia Child. Bizarre. I went to Sally's last week out of curiousity. I left confused. Aside from Jim Calhoun's chair breaking during dinner, not much excitement.

    1. I can understand the confusion. Especially after previewing the menu. The name and the reputation of the original Sally's made me think this was going to be a "fun" fish restaurant, similar to Jasper's Crab Shack at Mohegan. But the menu and drink list on revealed nothing fun at all - actually the menu looks rather generic and boring. New england clam chowder. Lobster bisque. Sounds like they forgot the intrigue of originality. Even the drink menu - Up All Night Espresso martini. Bellini. Negroni..zzz. Sounds like they invested a considerable amount in revamping the beautiful interior of Pastis, but they did not put energy into the customer's *entire* experience. Too bad.

      1. Elizabeth is correct; it's as boring as it can be. The fish dishes are uninspired, bland and stupid. Pastis was so wonderful-Now, we are 50 mies away from any kind of French Food-Uless you know something I don't-and this useless fish joint is no compensation. If you want a world-class seafood experience, go to Feng on Asylum St.

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          Went last week and won't return. I don't think they quite know what they want to be....a hip, fun place or a serious restaurant. Like most places that try to be two things at once, they fail at both. The food was very bland. the service was laughable. The wine list was poor and the wine glasses were an embarrasment, which is really odd, because Pastisse actually had very good wine service with Riedel stems. What did the owner do? Sell them on ebay? I doubt that this concept can last 6 months.

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            Caveys in Manchester..probably the best French food within 100 miles of hartford.

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