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Dec 11, 2006 09:54 PM

fun, lively place, with great food

Looking for a fun place, with great food. I dont mind expensive, but preferably not more than $30 per entree.

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  1. OK - I feel like a broken record, but Habitat on Queen W tops my list in this category. The location helps too.

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      Where on Queen and what kind of food to order at Habitat...

    2. Queen St W @ Tecumseth. They have a website:

      I stongly recommend the Kaiseki and have even done that as a small "tasting" dinner and then had dessert. For dessert, I love the "chocolate experience" - something totally different from the usual - it's 5 "grand cru" chololate pieces paired with interesting flavours (I don't really want to give it away!).

      1. maybe it's the times i've been, but i haven't found habitat to really be all that busy these days and sort of lacking in the livliness.

        my current preference would be the new coca just down west and across the street from czehoski or right beside seoulcity, if you know the hood.

        service was attentive and congenial (first time someone asked me if i wanted another drink when i wasn't quite ready and said she'd keep and eye on us and make sure to come back... they usually say ok and never come back!). anyhow... we stuck to their cold meats section and tapas and got away with both of us being stuffed for $30 each discluding alcohol. these tend to be the cheaper items on the menu because they have a deal where you can get 3 types of the cold meats for $10 or 6 for $21. to be honest, i'm not sure if that means we just get smaller portions but i'll find out the next time.

        really enjoyed the squid, salt cod croquettes, horse tenderloin, quails egg mixed and stuffed with truffle aioli, and cedar pressed horse. am either way about the potatoes bravas (it's not quite authentic but the sauce is outstanding simplicity), chorizo (totally lacking spice but the sherry mustard is awesome, should be on carts across toronto), coca flat breads are.... flat and dull, but have heard great things about their wings.

        decent selection of wines at multiple sizes for tasting if you want that, fairly reasonable pricing. loved me some warres port and i think i learned i'm not a cava fan.

        alternatively you can eate upstairs where they have items more at a plate sized portion and i don't think anything goes over $20.

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          i second that rec. went there last night at 10 pm and it was still lively (on a tuesday night!). ditto on the quail eggs, and yes the chicken wings are great (although the sauce is kind of obvious blue cheese flavour. but i loved them without the sauce). had a flat bread with serrano ham, it was tasty but nothing memorable. liked the beef cheeks croquettes - meat was tender, while the shell was nice and crunchy. loved the deserts. we had the creme catalan - very airy, with delicious almond crisps, and the orange flan. we did sample some wines, decent selection by the glass, more available by bottle.

          i agree on the service - very friendly and attentive.

        2. Gio Rana's is always a blast, with very good affordable Italian comfort food.

          1. Bar Italia is fun & lively and chic.
            terrific jazz upstairs

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              where is this place located and do they have a website? what is teh price range

              1. re: chalenegirl


                It's in little italy (college & Clinton area


                You can see the pricing / menu. I alway enjoy the Bresola Salad, the Salmon Salad, the grilled cheese sandwich (which is made by filling a hollowed out cabrese bread with cheese and melting it) and the pastas.

                vibey in a neighborhood way