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Dec 11, 2006 09:52 PM

Good Vegetarian Restaurants near N Halsted Between Diversey & Fullerton? Specifically Burling & Wrightwood.

Would like to purchase gift certs for someone moving there. Any recommendations?


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  1. Somewhat out of your specified area (just south of Addison on Halsted) is Chicago Diner ( which, I think, is your best bet since it's a quick bus ride away, and certainly doable on foot in nice weather.

    Trotter's To Go may be a good option as well, but if you don't mind a deli versus a restaurant:

    1. Thank you, I'll check out the links. They both sound interesting!
      Thanks again.

      1. There are alot of options:

        1) Emerald Buffet (Clark N. of DIversey)... a low-maintenance buffet of hot and cold dishes, many vegggie, good salads, etc.

        2) Eatzi's (near to Emerald). A little higher-end

        3) Aladdin on Diversey.. you can get a middle-eastern veggie plate

        4) Cousins on Broadway n. of Diversey: ditto middle eastern options

        5) Hai Yen... new vietnamese place on Clark S. of Diversey. You can get some decent veggie options here...

        6) Hemas Kitchen... Clark N. of Fullerton, Indian veggie options.

        7) Oodles of Noodles, Clark near Deming... a few decent veggie options, simple asian stuff.

        There's probably some more options that i'm not listing, but that will get you started....

        1. Thank you all. I've purchased a gift card from Chicago Diner and am going to use all of your recommendations to put together a list of area recs. I know it will be appreciated by someone new to town, especially a vegetarian. It can be tricky finding places that suit. Many thanks!