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Dec 11, 2006 09:51 PM


Where in central Connecticut should one go to buy really good julkorv (the swedish christmas sausage)? Our usual supplier (Tre Kroner in Farmington) went out of business several years ago and we've been searching ever since with mixed results. Taks.

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  1. Sorry to answer this after Jul but I just saw your question today for the first time. I believe that Julkorv is also known in America as Potato sausage. If they are not exactly the same, they are very close from what I can see. I live in Chiago and buy the homemade Potatiskorv at Wikstroms. (They have another brand but I think their own is much beter.) They have an online store and will ship it to you. If you search online at Swedish stores on the east coast under "potato sausage or potatiskorv" you might have some luck. I just had some sliced and sauteed with lots of fresh-ground pepper this morning for breakfast. They have excellent Prinskorv as well. The best thing about Christmas Eve is the lovely Swedish leftovers we eat for a few days after!