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Dec 11, 2006 09:49 PM

Vineyard Theater vicinity

Recommendations in the Union Square area for good eating near this very nice small theater?

thanks, B Siman

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  1. Any particular type of food? That area is loaded with options.

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      We eat almost anything, but we have loved anywhere we've eaten. We do like Blue Water Grill, but its pricey to be our regular choice since we have a subscription for 4 (the other two are daughter and her boyfriend so we're paying for the four).We're going again to Steak Frites but we don't love it. I should say we like to eat relatively close to where we go to theater so we're not rushed. Thanks for any help.

    2. Via Emilia is on 20th St., just west of Park Av. S., only 5 short blocks from the theater. Very good homemade pastas, particularly the delicious lasagna. Prices are moderate. Cash only, and they don't take reservations, but if you go early, you should not have trouble getting a table.

      1. I agree with Via Emilia for Italian, they have something everyone will like at a decent price. I enjoy their homemade tortellini. If you like Japanese, my family recently enjoyed a great experience at Japonica, on University and 12th. It is a little pricy but they loved the food. Depending upon the age of your daughter, MetroCafe on 21st, just west of Park Avenue South has a good selection of food and also serve a large variety of wine by the glass. Across the street from MetroCafe is Giorgio's of Gramercy, a great little gem. All of these are within a few blocks of Vineyard.

        1. Thanks for these wonderful suggestions. Actually, my daughter and her boyfriend are adults, living on their own so we can go to any of these places. We'll stay with Steak Frites this week but try the others next time and let you know. Thanks again.