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Dec 11, 2006 09:48 PM

Need Help with Lunch in Copley Area!!

Having a all-day business meeting at the Fairmont Copley this Friday. Need advice on where I can bring in some lunch from. Delivery would be the best option. 7 or 8 people at the most. Don't want the standard and expensive lunch from the hotel unless someone tells me it's totally worth it.


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  1. Rebecca's Cafe is right there (on Clarendon) and will deliver to the hotel - basic fare: sandwiches, chips, drinks.

    1. My favorite is the Appleton Bakery. It is on the corner of Dartmouth and Appleton, about 2 blocks away in the South End. if you call them in the morning, they can probably put something together for you. Ask for the daily specials!

      1. Viga on Stuart Street does fabulous Italian style sandwiches and I think salads too. I am pretty sure they do catering.

        1. I work in the nabe and know that Rebeccas and Au Bon Pain deliver (or used to). But if Appleton does, they are loads better. Or the bakery on Columbus and Clarendon whose name escapes me right now .......

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            Does the Davio's bakery deliver? I've only had sweet stuff but everything looks good there.

          2. Chilli Duck delivers if you are in the mood for Thai.