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Shabu Ya, Hacienda Heights

Just had dinner at Shabu Ya in Hacienda Heights (in the strip mall plaza located at Fullerton and Colima). Apparently, they just opened last week.

Decor is very cute and clean. A good dinner crowd last night - a good amount of people but it didn't feel crowded or chaotic. The servers are very attentive and on the top of their game.

Menu is your standard shabu shabu fare. There's a meat slicer right in front of the shabu counter and I love that they slice the meat to order. We had the main house beef, which was absolutely yummy. Kobe beef is offered as well. The vegetables served were very clean and fresh with very generous portions. I love their sesame sauce - it's not too sweet or overpowering. Ponzu sauce was great as well, served with generous heapings of green onion, minced garlic and grated daikon.

They offer appetizers - grilled japanese sausage, sea bass (I forget how it was prepared), to name a few.

Definitely looking forward to going back.

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  1. Do you have an address?

    1. Unfortunately I do not. It's in the same strip mall as BCD Tofu House and Yu Chun. BCD's address is 1731 Fullerton Road. Sorry :)

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        Yu Chun, as in cold noodles? In Rowland Heights, really?! I haven't been back in too long.

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          Yup. I heard it opened a few months ago? Went last month and the menu seems to be the same as the ones in LA. Didn't have their cold noodles that day tho.

      2. Thanks for the review. I'll have to try it out when I'm home for the holidays.

        BTW, the strip mall is on the southwest corner of Fullerton and Colima.

        1. Their address is:

          18184 Colima Road
          Rowland Heights, CA 91748

          1. I've eaten here twice now and the food and service are outstanding! I've yet to try the Kobe but their regular beef is still better than most others. I really like the fact that the chef comes out to mingle with the guests. I give Shabu Ya 4.5 stars out of 5.

            1. Is there an All You Can Eat option? I never seem to be full from shabu shabu unless it's AYCE...

              1. Is it simply wagyu beef raised in Oregon, or is it real Kobe FROM Kobe? If so, I'd love to go. The way the genuine article has been described to me, I've got to at least try it; cost be damned!

                1. Unfortunately it is not the real stuff from Kobe. However that has not stopped us from going 3 time last week. It is more in the vein of Shabu Shabu in Little Tokyo than Kayaga. Even the owner admits that Kayaga is the best in California.

                  He does make a great porridge after you are done if you want.

                  1. Well, I'm still interested in going. I don't recall ever having bad wagyu. But please keep me posted if you find a spot with beef from Kobe.

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                      If you are willing to cook your own - I've found kobe beef presliced for shabu at the Nijiya Market on Colima near Stoner Creek (plaza with the In-N-Out).

                    2. Had the Kobe beef there but it still did not taste the same as the Kobe I have at Ursawa and elsewhere. Maybe because it is sliced so thin that I found it to be just like prime. Very tender but could not tell it was Kobe. Just one man's opinion.

                      1. With everybody raving about Shabu Ya, my boyfriend and I tried it yesterday and I agree that it’s really good. I had their House rib eye which was really tender and flavorful. My boyfriend had the Shogun, which is the Kobe, he said it was great but it’s not what he had before. Their sesame and ponzu sauce was different from many that I’ve tried, there’s a special punch in the taste which I really like.

                        The chef came by and cleaned our pots, which is never done at other Shabu restaurant, which I thought was cool. We chatted a little with the chef, and we asked the question about the Kobe beef they served. He explained that the Shogun is a Kobe “style” rib eye (he pointed out on the menu too), which means the cattle go thru the same treatments as the real Kobe cows – fed beer, rice wine, corn fed, massages and etc, however the only difference is the type of cattle used and the climates and all that stuff that differentiate the real Kobe and Kobe style beef from other regions. He also stated that many restaurants would straight out say they serve Kobe beef, which is not the real stuff. But he lets his customers know what they’re getting.

                        It was a fun and enjoyable experience for us, I am looking forward to going back again.

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                          Both the chef (owner) and his wife are really nice people. next time ask if they have Wagyu beef. It is the real stuff and really good but pricey.