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Dec 11, 2006 09:27 PM


What is the difference btw bay and cape scallops. I love those sweet little things. Are they in season now? I know Legal Seafoods gets them from time to time. Any other recommendations?

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  1. The best of these little gems are the Nantucket Bay scallops. I have only seen them on the island recently. Some Boston chefs will try and procure them, but they are only harvested by old school local fisherman who have held their permits for ages. If you see nantucket bay scallops try them you will not be disappointed, they are delicious. The commercial season started on nantucket November 1st and will be around usually until the end of January. This year is not a banner crop so prices are high (at least $20/lb.) and the supply may end sooner. Good Luck.
    I have never had good luck with bay scallops from any other place. They are usually frozen and shipped from japan or china or some other non-specific place of origin.

    After looking around I didn't see any restaurants boasting Nantucket Bay Scallops, I would look at Radius, Locke Ober, No 9, Grotto or Blue ginger. The chefs have some Nantucket ties and usually do some specials with these scallops when they are available.

    1. J Hook had them recently..Call first to check..$28/lb

      Locke Ober usually has them in season.

      1. They were on the menu at Aujourd'hui about 3 wks. ago.

        1. i had them at neptune last week and they were awesome. clio usually does them as well. the season is very short. call ahead.

          don't even waste your money on bay scallops from elsewhere unless you're making chowder or something.

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            how were they prepared, if you don't mind?

          2. I tried to get them recently from my local fishmonger, and at $28.00 a pound, wholesale, he has been unable to stock them. According to his source, the supply goes first to local markets and then to restaurants.