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Dec 11, 2006 09:14 PM

ramen nippon is simply arrrgh (ramen review!)

so i've finally started punking all the L.A. area ramen shops. after seeing some hype on these boards about ramen nippon, i decided to check it out. sorry guys, this place doesn't do it for me at all. the shoyu ramen was like spaghetti in watered down soy sauce, and they were stingy on the gyoza (only 4 pieces with the combo ><). the miso ramen was a little better, and it seems like they actually make their own miso paste (we found miso beans in the soup!) but i'm not a huge fan of miso ramen in general so i doubt i'll be making my way out there anytime soon to eat again. i gave it a 4 (out of 30) and i almost feel bad for the place. all things considered i guess it's good if you're in the area and really craving ramen. there's not much ramen out in that end of the SFV; if you're anywhere further east, i say go to takeshi ramen in glendale. just my two cents...

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  1. wasn't sure if your arrgghhh was in disgust or thrill (a la Homer's general reaction go doughnuts) ~ but after reading the review, too bad about the experience. I rarely order gyoza anymore since it's so much cheaper for me to make it (OK, pan-fry the frozen ones) at home.


    1. We ate at Takeshi Ramen and Ramen Nippon within a week of each other and I'd have to completely disagree. I thought Nippon was leagues better than Takeshi. At least Nippon had more of a homemade feel to it, with better cuts of chashu and better soup. The Takeshi Ramen was only a step above the better packaged ramens you can buy at the store.
      If you're looking for Ramen in the area, I'd recommend Kyushu Ramen in Van Nuys on Sherman Way. I also thought they had good gyoza.

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        i had the chashu ramen at nippon and the meat was sadly totally dry. depends on what you like; the ramen at takeshi was still a bit bland but it is heavier on the oil than most ramen shops this side of the pacific. the oil is good for trapping and maintaining heat. takeshi has good firm noodles, while nippon's quickly bloated into a spaghetti-style consistency within a few minutes. to each his own tho. kyushu ramen isn't bad actually, but their tonkotsu ramen doesn't quite live up to the name; i'd much rather eat there than ramen nippon, but if i'm in a shoyu mood, i'd still prefer takeshi i think. to each his own =)

      2. Sadly, neither of these SFV ramen shops (Nippon & Kyushu) do little more than satisfy the craving for me. Kyushu has improved over the last couple of years, but usually isn't hot enough and doesn't quite HIT you with any depth. I had a better Nippon experience than the respected Rameniac, but it's never really gotten me excited and the char siu is certainly unremarkable; shio ramen with butter & wakame was the best choice I made there. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the new Koraku also seems destined to fail in the ramen department. Still need to try Takeshi, but it's a little far from home. At least Santouka is opening on the west side soon...