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Dec 11, 2006 09:07 PM

Does LA have cool SUPPER CLUBS for dinner and dancing?

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Hello my fellow Chowhounders,

I was wondering if Los Angeles has decent supper clubs such as the ones they have in Montreal, Canada.

Where they serve a nice dinner. Then after a certain time, they clear the tables, and there's dancing (a really good, modern DJ)?

In Montreal, a similar place would be Time, Globe or Buona Notte.


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    1. re: lcoyote

      Thanks, coyote! Have you been there?

    2. there's a cuban restaurant in hollywood (i forget the name) that has salsa dancing in the evenings. i once ate lunch there and found the food to be above average. (i've never been for dancing but it sure looks fun). just might be called el floridita...

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      1. I've been inside, very cool space. Did a quick walk around on a very busy night but have not partaken in the food or drinks. I have heard good things though.

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        1. re: lcoyote

          Thanks to you both! Looking for a place where the food and daincing/club parts are equally good.


        2. El Floridita does have dinner and salsa dancing.

          1. Alas, in a town that once had hundreds of supper clubs - the pickings are now slim. For a while there was the wonderful Moonlight Tango Cafe on Ventura Blvd. but I'm pretty sure that's gone. I think your best bet if you don't mind cutting a rug with a lot of wild and crazy seniors is the Alpine Inn in Torrance. Great big bands and surprisingly good German food at very reasonable prices. You might also look at which lists a lot of old restaurants that might have dancing.

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            1. re: Paliau

              Alpine Inn sounds intriguing too. Will investigate...