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Vegas- No dresscode?

Are there any nice places to eat in Vegas with NO dresscode?

I'm talking jeans, t-shirt, baseball cap, tennis shoes...

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  1. Yeah...buffets.

    The nice places that serve lunch are pretty loose about dress codes.

    1. Dress code in Vegas these days? Bwaahhhaaaahhhaaaaaa-hhhaaa!

      Most couples seem to think that dressing up means recently washed and matching Mickey Mouse T-Shirts.

      1. Someone put it best on this board some years ago...

        (Dressing) PC is no match for the C-note in Vegas.

        I'm in Phoenix and can say that our general dress code around here is pretty close to Vegas; wear a shirt with sleeves and you'll be OK to go to all but the fanciest of establishments. Baseball caps should never be worn indoors in the first place.

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        1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

          Just before moving to PHX, we were coming down for the last interview. I had scoped out the dining scene and had noted two that stated "formal attire for gentlemen is requested." I made a reservation for wife and myself at one of these. Now, I came from New Orleans, where one ALWAYS dressed for dinner in most higher-end restaurants, rather than have to wear the "loaner" jacket, or paper tie! However, I then lived in Denver, which was more relaxed, regarding dress-codes. Heck, I donned my tux for the "opening night" at the Opera, our first year there. I found out that opening night meant clean rag-wool socks with Birkenstocks and cargo shorts in Denver. I only brought a dark suit, rather than a tux - look, we were only there for a long weekend, though it was Easter. At lunch on Friday, I mentioned the "formal attire requested" statement at the two restaurants to the husband of the interviewer and he replied, "do you know what that means in Phoeninx?" Hesitantly, I muttered, "dark suit... ?" "Let's call them, and find out," was his suggestion. I did, and the answer was, "collared shirts!" OK, it's a resort community. I still wear a jacket, or blazer for almost all meals, above Outback.

          What I do not understand is the aversion to wearing a jacket, especially sans-tie, by gentlemen and a dress, or nice pants-suit by the ladies, when doing a fine dining establishment. I even pack a blazer for dining in Hawaii, for gosh-sakes. What's the problem? If I'm on a road-trip and dining at Ruby Tuesday, I could see jeans and a t-shirt, but anything above that, just pack a jacket and slacks. Same for flying first-class - loose the warmups and jogging attire. Act like you actually know better! If one is talking about taking the Greyhound and dining at the burger barn, then it's OK.


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            I understand the aversion to wearing a jacket pretty well, as I've lived here all my life.

            Its name is July.

        2. I imagine a place like Prime that is jammed all night every night might enforce a dress code, but frankly if they were nice jeans and a solid color t-shirt, they might not care. I wouldn't try it with shorts-have some class, for chrissakes!! If you don't want to dress up, go someplace casual!

          1. Most places are pretty relaxed as far as the dress code goes. There are only a handful of places I could name off the top of my head that would require jacket and tie. For the most part -- if you're looking to have a nice meal, then dress the part. That doesn't necessarily mean jacket and tie but some slacks and a nice shirt would be minimally appropriate. In 99% of the high-end restaurants in Vegas you will get by with the following rules of thumb: "Jackets are preferred for men but not required. No athletic wear of any kind including tank tops, tee-shirts, shorts, sandals, flip-flops, or sneakers. Jeans are okay as long as they have no rips or tears and are in good condition. No children under 6 years old."

            When I go out, even if it's just by myself and sit at the bar, I will always make an effort to look nice. JK is right as well: baseball hats shold NEVER be worn indoors when eating. It's just common sense and good manners. ( exceptions always apply but are few and far between on this one )

            1. Boy do I feel dumb now... lol

              First of all, most of you would probably consider me trailer trash. And that's OK, maybe I am.

              I've never worn a suit in my life. I don't own a pair of slacks or dress shoes. I do have two long sleeve collared shirts, but you probably wouldn't like them.

              I'm even missing one of my two front teeth, compliments of a professional boxer friend of mine who died this year from overdosing on heroin.(I don't do drugs. I don't smoke or drink either.)

              I have psoriasis around my hairline, which is why I wear a hat all the time.

              Despite all of this, I'd be willing to get some nice clothes and take my hat off to go eat somewhere nice if it was for me. But it's not...

              My dad is in pretty bad shape. The doctor recently told him if he doesn't make some changes and reduce stress and blood pressure, he doesn't have another year left. He still works 70 hour weeks though.

              We're going to Vegas next week and I'd like to take him out to eat somewhere nice. I asked him about it and he said he doesn't wanna go anywhere he has to dress up. He's trailer trash too I guess...

              So, can anybody try to help me out instead of making me feel stupid?

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                1. re: grplnxprt

                  Hope you have a nice dinner with your dad. You didn't mention breakfast, but, personally, I recommend the giant 1-inch thick blueberry pancakes at the Wynn (Terrace Pointe Cafe). The Terrace Pointe Cafe overlooks the pool and, I think, you can get away with being casual, although, if you're super-self-conscious about this kind of stuff, you might feel out of place because the Wynn is generally very very upscale. But, hey, it's your dad. Why shouldn't he have the amazing blueberry pancakes just because he's wearing jeans? The burgers looked good, too, thought I didn't try them. This isn't cheap (pancake will set you back about $14), but it's lovely, and because it's pool-side dining, you can get away with being a little casual.

                  Also, the Peppermill is fun for breakfast. A chowhound pal told me that the giant fruit salad is gorgeous. (I had some omelette thing when I went.)

                  P.S. I went to Vegas a couple of years ago and had tea at the Four Seasons. I was SUPER DRESSED UP, as was my dining companion. There was a man there who was wearing the sloppiest-looking football jersey ever. I assumed he was an eccentric high-roller.


                2. In my view, the only thing most restaurants here are interested in is the color of your money, not the color (or lack of) a jacket, etc. That being said, I'd probably stay away from the very most formal restaurants, simply b/c if your dad likes working 70 hours a week, he may find these places too slow and tedious! Without knowing what kind of food you and/or your dad like, I'd suggest the following: Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris; ENVY steakhouse at the Renaissance; Okada at the Wynn (great room, very good food, and not all sushi, if you don't care for that), FIX at Bellagio; and if you are wishing to get off the strip, you might think about Todd's in Henderson, or some of the restaurants in the Green Valley Ranch Casino, including China Spice for tasty chinese. The steakhouse in GVR is called Hank's and has gotten good reviews but I haven't been there.

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                    Mon Ami Gabi does have the patio... since it's outdoor dining, hats are OK to wear at the table.

                  2. Thanks guys.

                    I guess I shoulda said in the beginning I'm most likely looking for steak...

                    1. And I'm not worried about how much it costs...

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                        Then the Steakhouse at Circus Circus is a good choice. Capitol Grille at the Fashion Show mall is another. And the above poster is right when he says dressing up here is clean clothes. I live here and it's true, the color of your money is what they look for!

                        1. re: mtngirlnv

                          Steakhouse at Circus Circus would be an excellent choice. The steaks are very good, the prices are reasonable (the wine too if that interests either of you), and the place is not full of hoity toidy people, so you definitely won't feel uncomfortable. Did I mention that the steaks are really good?

                      2. Mon Ami does do a nice and tasty but not fab (in my opinion) steak frites. I do like ENVY at the Renassaince; even if price is no object, I am always happy to get away for a little less than the strip places, and I really like both the food and the atmosphere at ENVY. I've been to Craftsteak...I thought it was very good and I loved the sides. I doubt dressing up would be an issue there. People on this board RAVE about Delmonico's, and I have tried many times w/out success to get a res; you might check it out. I didn't love Charlie Palmer's at the 4 seasons. The other place that I thought was fun and had very good steak was N9Ne at the Palms. It can get packed, but the food was terrific and the service was very professional.

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                          Delmonico is wonderful however, if you're concerned about dress codes I think you will feel a bit out of sorts there in a t-shirt and baseball hat. Each time we've been to Delmonico for dinner (3x) we've only seen people rather dressed up. Maybe not men all in suits, but definately not t-shirts. Delmonico tends to be more "business casual". We also find it to be more subdued in the type of crowd it draws.

                          Great food tho so if you can manage to at least put on a polo type shirt and not wear the hats, you'll be guaranteed a wonderful steak dinner :-) I don't think they would turn you away dressed like that but again, I do believe you would be looking out of place dressed that casually.