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Dec 11, 2006 09:01 PM

Vegas- No dresscode?

Are there any nice places to eat in Vegas with NO dresscode?

I'm talking jeans, t-shirt, baseball cap, tennis shoes...

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  1. Yeah...buffets.

    The nice places that serve lunch are pretty loose about dress codes.

    1. Dress code in Vegas these days? Bwaahhhaaaahhhaaaaaa-hhhaaa!

      Most couples seem to think that dressing up means recently washed and matching Mickey Mouse T-Shirts.

      1. Someone put it best on this board some years ago...

        (Dressing) PC is no match for the C-note in Vegas.

        I'm in Phoenix and can say that our general dress code around here is pretty close to Vegas; wear a shirt with sleeves and you'll be OK to go to all but the fanciest of establishments. Baseball caps should never be worn indoors in the first place.

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        1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

          Just before moving to PHX, we were coming down for the last interview. I had scoped out the dining scene and had noted two that stated "formal attire for gentlemen is requested." I made a reservation for wife and myself at one of these. Now, I came from New Orleans, where one ALWAYS dressed for dinner in most higher-end restaurants, rather than have to wear the "loaner" jacket, or paper tie! However, I then lived in Denver, which was more relaxed, regarding dress-codes. Heck, I donned my tux for the "opening night" at the Opera, our first year there. I found out that opening night meant clean rag-wool socks with Birkenstocks and cargo shorts in Denver. I only brought a dark suit, rather than a tux - look, we were only there for a long weekend, though it was Easter. At lunch on Friday, I mentioned the "formal attire requested" statement at the two restaurants to the husband of the interviewer and he replied, "do you know what that means in Phoeninx?" Hesitantly, I muttered, "dark suit... ?" "Let's call them, and find out," was his suggestion. I did, and the answer was, "collared shirts!" OK, it's a resort community. I still wear a jacket, or blazer for almost all meals, above Outback.

          What I do not understand is the aversion to wearing a jacket, especially sans-tie, by gentlemen and a dress, or nice pants-suit by the ladies, when doing a fine dining establishment. I even pack a blazer for dining in Hawaii, for gosh-sakes. What's the problem? If I'm on a road-trip and dining at Ruby Tuesday, I could see jeans and a t-shirt, but anything above that, just pack a jacket and slacks. Same for flying first-class - loose the warmups and jogging attire. Act like you actually know better! If one is talking about taking the Greyhound and dining at the burger barn, then it's OK.


          1. re: Bill Hunt

            I understand the aversion to wearing a jacket pretty well, as I've lived here all my life.

            Its name is July.

        2. I imagine a place like Prime that is jammed all night every night might enforce a dress code, but frankly if they were nice jeans and a solid color t-shirt, they might not care. I wouldn't try it with shorts-have some class, for chrissakes!! If you don't want to dress up, go someplace casual!

          1. The original comment has been removed