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Dec 11, 2006 08:53 PM

Healthy Taiwanese In Rowland Heights

Vegetarian restaurants aside, authentic Chinese food is all about the culinary experience (taste and texture) and not about healthy eating. Consequently it was surprising and refreshing to find Canaan Restaurant which just opened up in the new food court at Diamond Plaza which runs alongside the Pomona Freeway at Fullerton Road. Imagine Taiwanese food touted as having no MSG, low oil and low salt! Of course there's no way that Taiwanese sausage is going to become health food, but this is a welcome nod towards healthier eating in the Chinese community. The stuff I had was flavorful enough, though I am wondering how low oil versions of crispy tofu and salt and pepper chicken will pan out. Canaan Restaurant is at 1388 S. Fullerton Road, #124, in the back food court converted out of the space originally occupied by T&T Supermarket and then the 99 Ranch Vegetarian Market.

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  1. Interestingly I just stumbled across another branch of Canaan Restaurant with its low oil/salt/no MSG Taiwanese menu in the Cerritos area. Don't recall ever seeing a brand new Chinese restaurant operation opening up in two diverse locations at the same time. This branch is at 11610 South St., next to the Sea Palace Supermarket in Artesia. I did try the crispy tofu here and I really wonder if it's low oil or not, since the skin was so crispy. Definitely low salt, though.