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Dec 11, 2006 08:51 PM

Thai Cooking Class recs?


I’m looking to take a Thai cooking class somewhere in the city and was wondering whether anyone on chowhound has had any luck tracking down a good teacher or program in the city. I was initially interested in the New School's program, but have heard nothing but bad reports from friends who've taken classes there. (Their chief complaint was that was that the instructors choose overly simple and unappealing dishes to prepare, making for an underwhelming experience.) Anyone out there take a class worth checking out? Any price range is fine, as I'm more just trying to figure out my option at this point.

Thanks in advance.

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    This site was recommended to me earlier today for cooking classes in general. You may want to check it out.

    1. My husband and I took the Essentials of Thai Cooking class at the ICE and it was wonderful. It was a modestly sized class (maybe 16 people). We broke into grps of 4 and prepared dishes from a menu of 12 or so dishes. The chef threw more dishes at your small group as she saw you had things under control, so it was well catered to your skills. In other words, the groups that struggled only did a few dishes. Our grp (4 people who love to cook) got to do 6 different dishes. In the end, you eat all of the food that you and the others have prepared along with included wine and beer.

      It truly was a wonderful experience. You have the run of a huge kitchen, with anything you could possibly need. And a runner (student internships at ICE) getting you whatever you run out of. Kinda spoiled me for cooking at home in our rather small kitchen ;)

      As a bonus treat, our instructor was Chef Anne Burrell (Mario Batalli's sous chef on Iron Chef), which had been unexpected. She admitted that Thai wasnt really her expertise, but she did a great job and was a lot of fun to learn from.

      Some of the dishes I recall doing were a Green Thai curry, Pad Thai, Tom Yum soup, summer rolls, mango sticky rice, satay....been a while, dont recall the rest of the menu.

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        Nehna, thanks so much for the in-depth review! ICE sounds just like what I was looking for.

        Thanks again.

      2. I have taken many, many courses at ICE and they have all been excellent. You can now register online as well, much more convenient than trying to get through on the phone as in the past, although you certainly still can call with questions. I was just there this past weekend and was told that the website will be updated with a new listing of classes at the end of December- they only have a limited number posted for the next session at present.

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