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Dec 11, 2006 08:07 PM

Good Jewish Food?

My parents might be coming up on Christmas day just for some dinner, and I was thinking some good old-school Jewish food would be in order. However, it seems like most of the places around these days are touristy and mediocre. Can anyone recommend some place? Thanks!

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  1. I would take them to Sarge's Deli. It's not kosher, but you can definitely get old-school Jewish food that is delicious.

    1. I like B&H, but it might be too small to stay in comfortably for dinner.

      1. What about Veselka in the east village? They have blintzes, potato pancakes, salad w/ vegetarian chopped liver, kasha... good eastern european comfort food, much of which I'd consider Jewish food.

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          Yes, pogroms aside Ukrainian food has many intersections with "Jewish food." In order to preserve the illusion, one shouldn't order pork, however.

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            I won't repeat my opinion of Veselka, which is a matter of record, but are they open Christmas day?

          2. Whatever happened to the ancient Jewish tradition of going out for Chinese food on Christmas? :o)

            You might want to check out the Kosher board too for deli ideas. Even though it's not NYC-centric, there are lots of NYC threads.

            "Good Restaurants open on Christmas Day" is a fine idea for a post!

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            1. re: mooms

              concur. Not a lot of Jewish food left in the city. Probably a couple nice Israeli places. South Indian Vegetarian is Kosher over on 28th. But yes, mooms is correct. My family does that too.

            2. How about the Ukranian National Home Social Club
              136 2nd Ave (near 9th St)
              I think it's better than Veselka, and less diner-y

              Also check in today's NYT Food section for 3 places in Brooklyn, and an article about old school Hungarian Jewish cooking...