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Canned macaroni & cheese

I'm looking for a place that sells canned macaroni and cheese. I know that several years ago it used to be sold under the Franco-American label, and is sometimes available imported under the Heinz brand. Is there anywhere in the GTA that stocks this stuff?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. My wife absolutely *loves* the stuff. She's pregnant and has had a craving for it, so I figure it's my duty to indulge her with a case or two, assuming I can find it.

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      That's funny! My wife used to crave Big Macs with one of our kids. Good luck. (Isn't it available at every supermarket? Or am I just thinking of the orangy-sauced stuff like Beefaroni?)

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        a totally understandable explanation -- I hope you find it!

      2. I absolutely know what you are talking about - Franco American canned M&C. I haven't been able to find it in 20 years. I LOVED it as a kid. Please let me know if you find it. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, but nothing really compares to what we are talking about!

        1. F & A also made canned spaghetti. Better than Chef Boyardee any day.

          1. what would you really give to get this canned mac and cheese?

            turns out you should check the brits, especially mrs. bridges british bakery at eglinton square. the place is packed with odd and imported items that probably fill a massive niche of comfort foods from yore. so, while i can't guarantee it's f&a, i know it's not chef boyardee. i found it in the back on the right sitting with all sorts of other goodies.

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              I looked for Stouffers fettucini alfredo and couldn't find it at Loblaws so I bought Stouffers mac and cheese. I recalled the old Franco American taste immediately.

            2. Just tasted something that made me think of Franco American mac&cheese. It's Stouffers fettucini alfredo (frozen). I hadn't thought of F/A mac & cheese in forever. To taste that flavor again sure took me back. I hope if anyone is still missing that flavor that Stouffers fettucini alfredo does the trick for you. :O)

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                If ANYONE knows anything at all about where to get a & f mac and cheese, PLEASE LET ME KNOW????? i found it as recently as 5 years ago, but not since and i'm dying for it. my mom and i were the only one's i knew who ate it, and i too, would eat it out of the can. it had more flavor cold. i'd kill for a can now. tg

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                  It's been discontinued, see note and link above.

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                  i used to work at Kelsey's, stouffer's fettucini alfredo is what they served...

                3. My Grandmother used to serve me the Heinz stuff. I can see getting nostalgic for it as it is so utterly unique -- but, I thought it was absolutely awful!

                  1. Hi!
                    I have been looking for the stuff too!
                    If anyone knows where to find it, in the San Francisco Bay Area, I would sure appreciate the info. Or at least somewhere, I can order online.
                    I don't have pregnancy cravings, but I have found it to be a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to have a fairly nutritious meal.
                    I open up 3 cans of tuna, for each can of macaroni and cheese.
                    The tuna, raises the proteins, and lowers the calories.
                    It is excellent for anyone who is trying to build muscle fast, but wants something tasty also.

                    1. I thought I was the only one missing Franco American Macaroni. I've been looking for it for years now. I always loved the stuff and it brings back so many memories. If you ever do find it let me know where and hopefully it's somewhere in Southern Ontario still

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                        Fantastic memories of Mac and Cheese from the can. It was great stuff. I sent an email to Campbells HQ and asked them to consider making it again but I have not heard back from them.

                        Does anyone know of anything similiar that is still available?

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                          When I was growing up, I "lived" on this stuff. I can close my eyes and hear the twap and smell the cheese. It got me through two pregnancies (along with Krystals). I used to be able to get my aunt to get it for me at the military base -- but, since Campbells bought out FA -- it has been a no-show.

                      2. Can't go past the old cheesy macaroni, average about 5 cans a week.

                        1. I was at WalMart last night and they had skids of canned Mac 'n' Cheese by Chef Boyardee. $1 a can. I couldn't resist and bought a couple of cans. It tasted like a more liquidy version of Kraft Dinner, kids stuff. ;)

                          1. I thought I was the only 1 in the universe to eat this and still be looking for it in the supermarket. I did buy the chef boyardee the other day becasue the can said "it's back".
                            Not the same as FA. If there are this many responding to this board then maybe someone will know someone that can suggest brining it back. Let us know if any one finds it.

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                              hey, I have been looking for fa mac & cheese in a can for awhile stopped then last week saw chef b has a new can bought it was not the same really loved the stuff as a kid yellow can noodle on can had a face

                            2. Pete's Frootique sells the Heinz canned Macaroni and cheese......

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                                I never heard of Heinz canned Macaroni and cheese what color was the can?

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                                  hmmm i think it might have been blue-ish or orange-ish...but i can't be sure. Pete's sells the british versions of alot of our Heinz stuff...(for example, you can get the curry beans there, that i've never seen in any grocery store). so you'd find the list of what they might have here :


                                  I am from Nfld and we had a lot of british imports that often weren't available elsewhere. I think Heinz made a vegetable salad in a tin that we used to get that's now discontinued, but Pete's sells a version. We used to get the canned Macaroni and Cheese in the past, but it's no longer available there. However, it's there at Pete's Frootique....i don't know if there are locations of that in Ontario? The one i go to is in Halifax.

                              2. Have you got any answers to your question?

                                1. This is unbelievable. I too have been looking for this product. People let me tell you.I learned to love this stuff as a kid. I can remember when I was only 5 years old, I had a can of franco american macaroni and cheese, which was my second can that night. Well, I was unable to finish it so I put it in the refridgerator to save for tomorrow. Well, when I woke up, it was gone. I started asking and found out something very important that I needed to know. You cannot save food while it is still in the can. It had been thrown away. I can still remember crying about it. Hey...it was the last can in the house. That was a lesson I'll never forgot.

                                  If I can find this stuff, I will buy all they have. Never have I had better. And please don't bring up Chef boyardee in this topic. It is terrible and in no way does it even compare.

                                  Ahhhh, right out of the can. I will dream about this stuff tonight.

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                                    " I ...found out something very important that I needed to know. You cannot save food while it is still in the can. It had been thrown away"

                                    Sweetie, that's just something your mother told you to cover up the fact that she ate the rest of it, cold, straight out of the can...just sayin...

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                                      Cans are now coated inside and safe to keep opened in the fridge for a few days. But pay attention to imported cans, which might evade government inspection.

                                  2. Hi I grew up eating FA Mac & Cheese. I too have been looking for it.
                                    I did some research into the ingredients and the Orange-Yellow coloring is from beta-carotene. I found the label from an old can.

                                    You can make make your own. The Cheese sauce is nothing but Campbell's Cheddar Cheese Sauce. Add Milk & water as per the instructions. The thick rice noodles you can use are Japanese Udon Noodles or Chinese Shanghi Noodles. The fresher the better. Add the cooked noodles to the heated cheese sauce and let simmer. Remember that the cooked noodles will add additional water. Increase or decrease water & milk to desired consistancy.

                                    Hope this helps.

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                                      "You can make make your own. The Cheese sauce is nothing but Campbell's Cheddar Cheese Sauce."

                                      Do you mean Campbell's Cheddar Cheese "Soup"?

                                      I was unable to locate Campbell's Cheese "Sauce" at my local store but maybe I'll have to look around.

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                                        Geeze, mac 'n cheese is so easy to make. Butter and flour to make a roux, add a little cream or milk, layer the sauce over some cooked macaroni, and bake. We like to add a tomato/onion/cilantro salsa which adds a nice tartness and spice to the creamy flavour of the mac 'n cheese. The only reason to use canned is not wanting to make the effort. Of course, I say this a boy who lived on KD during university (the fact that it was $0.19 a box helped a lot!).

                                        1. i loved that stuff, i have been searching for a long time for it, about 5 years ago i found it in a vending machine in a mini can and bought every one of them, have not seen it since. If you find it please let me know i would love to eat that again

                                          1. You can still get it direct, but there's a 3 case minimum (about $75 + shipping). It was my favorite food as a kid, so it's well worth stockpiling for me. :-D Since there's no links allowed: 1. Go to foodservicedirect (.com) 2. Go under the "bulk foods" tab 3. Click on "Entrees" in the sub-catagories (there's close to 3600... just so you know you're in the right place) 4. Click on "Entrees" again. (there's 89 there right now) 5. Click on "Campbells Franco American Entrees" 6. It's like the 5th one down.

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                                              puppytrouble.... i can't explain how happy i was to see you found it. But unfortunately for all of us...sigh.... it's no longer on there. the closest they have is spaghetti and meatballs. gag....so sad. i was literally ready to write a $75 check for that long noodle, pale sauce bliss from the 80's. So long franco american macaroni in cheese sauce... so long. :(
                                              PS- If i'm wrong, dear lord, please let me know!

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                                                Looks like Campbell's has dropped the "Franco American" from the canned Mac n Cheese. Check again and they have a Campbell's canned mac n cheese product there. Since Campbell's has owned the Franco-American brands since the early 1900s it's probably the same product with some rebranding.