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Paradise Cove Beach Cafe???

Coming to LA from NY for long weekend with family (kids are 15 and 10). Is this place a reasonable call for kids who have heard of Malibu or is it a touristy rip-off? I'm not expecting a chowish meal, just looking for atmosphere and view. Thanks.

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  1. It's a touristy rip off.

    Instead, drive up the one to Neptune's net. Lotsa Bikers, reasonable tastins seafood.

    If you want malibu-rific snooty people, drive to the malibu County mart, also on the one.

    1. I've never been, but I know locals w/ kids who love it. I hear it's nice for a busy beach day as you can spend the whole day there. The beaches aren't too crowded now so I'd go to Malibu Seafood on PCH and then drive to Matador Beach (one of the prettiest ones around).


      1. I find it to be a nice place to take out of town guests who want to sit on a beautiful beach and drink and eat. Especially ones who are coming in from a cold winter climate. The food isn't incredible, but it's not awful, and despite the price the portions are absolutely huge.....My visitors have always loved going there and killing a few hours in a relaxing and beautiful setting.

        1. It is touristy, but it is fun for kids, the food is not awful and it has a fun atmosphere right on the beach, full bar and very large menu. Something for everyone. Neptune's Nest is much more casual, lot's of bikers not right on the beach, and the food isn't very good unless you just get steamed live crab or lobster. And despite what some people think, Malibu may have lots of "beautiful" people, but it is not snooty, maybe it is the people who come from other places to visit Malibu that are the snooty ones.

          1. Plus, you get to check out James Rockford's old trailer site.

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              Would be pretty chilly at the beach these days...so don't go expecting to be basking in the sun in swimsuits! Bundle up and have fun. Also, drive to Leo Carillo State Park, wonderful rocks, etc., but a camp ground so no food.

            2. The kids will enjoy it. Food/prices typical Bob Morris (Gladstones) and it can be very noisy but only place right on the beach in "the bu". I would NOT recommend Neptunes with the kids...especially Sunday afternoon when the bikers have had a few beers.

              1. Remember to grab handfuls of peanuts from the barrels on the way to the table, and then let the kids throw the peanut shells on the floor!

                Also, in terms of dessert, the chocolate cake is hUge.

                1. it is fun on a pretty day but definitely split the meals! way too much food.

                  1. I take my visiting guests there frequently and all love it -- even the adults.

                    Where else can you literally drink/dine with your toes in the sand? And it's a nice, private little beach athat's pretty serene as it's tucked in away from the noise of PCH.

                    With restaurant validation, I believe you get several hours of free parking, so you can linger on the beach or go for a walk.

                    Food is not great but I like their fish tacos.

                    1. I haven't been there in a couple of years but the times I was there, I enjoyed it tremendously. It's run by Bob Morris, who founded and later sold Gladstone's and RJ's for Ribs. Those were both great restaurants when he owned them.

                      1. It is not a toursty rip off. I've lived in Malibu for over 20 years and plenty of locals go regulary. It is a beautiful atmosphere and the semi private beach in a cove is lovely. Breakfasts are good also. You can also sit out at a table in the sand with umbrella or inside. Lots of pictures of old Malibu and its inhabitants. If you go just to the beach the parking will cost you something like $20 but if you eat there with validation good for 2 to 3? hours it is only $3.50 It is where they used to film the old Rockford files with Jim Garner. We had some relatives from back east and walked there from Point dume and got to the front with bare feet and wondered what the dress code said. Well Bob Morris, the owner was walking in at the same time and pointed to the sign. "Dress Code" "No Dress Code". haha I would Not Recommend Neptune's Net.

                        1. I love Paradise Cove and when my parents came to visit a couple of years ago I sent them out there for lunch because I had to work. When they got there apparently there was a movie shoot going on, but the restaurant wasn't closed - They were so excited that they got to watch a movie shoot and eat on the beach in Malibu - Then to top it off, the movie was "monster in law" so my mother couldn't stop talking about Jane Fonda!
                          It really is a beautiful place - and that's WHY so many movies get filmed there.

                          1. in 2004 I was driving up PCH on my way from OC to Seattle when I saw the "Paradise Cove Rd." sign and turned left to see if it could be Rockford's place. I realized that on the show it was just "Cove Rd." but I had a feeling that turned out to be correct. I came to a gate manned by some rather terse asian gentlemen who told me parking was $20 or $5 if you were dining at the restaurant (still looked the same as in the show). I was rather disappointed that they didn't keep a decrepid mobile home on the site even if not the original one. If they are going to charge they could do well by having some sort of Rockford Museum, there's quite a fan base that would pay to go. It was just nice to be there, it was like visiting the old family homesite.

                            1. I love Paradise Cove---mostly just for the access to the beach if you dine at the cafe. I would make sure to leave time to take a walk on the beach---gorgeous. At the cafe I enjoy the soups/sandwich combos. The crabcake sandwich is also good as is the mahimahi sandwich.