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Dec 11, 2006 07:58 PM

Chinese delivery in West Village?

There used to be good Chinese take out in the Village but in recent years my usual places have gone from so-so to worse, or just out of business entirely. There has to be some decent Chinese delivery, no? Anyone? Who do you call??

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  1. I heard May Wah will deliver uptown for big orders like 10+. Its the pork chop place on Hester Street that has that 5 spice punch in their pork chop dish.

    1. MaMa Buddha, yo.

      Clean Chinese food. Top Notch. Actually great for eating in, too; the place is bright, tall windows, with an open kitchen that looks very clean.

      Exceedingly fast delivery, and very cheap for the neighborhood. They also accomodate any special requests.

      Orange Chicken!

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          I second MaMa Buddha. Wish I knew of other good places. We need a Joe's Shanghai in the 'hood.