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Dec 11, 2006 07:48 PM

A pressure cooker convert!

I have never owned one or used one. I was always scared they'd blow up and I'd be scarred for life! Anyways my husband got me one, and I used it for the first time yesterday. OMG, it is amazing! I made a lamb curry in 15 minutes. The meat was falling-apart tender. What normally takes 2 hours of simmering was done in 15 mintes!

I am going to make a lot more stew type of things now. It saves so much on gas/electricty.

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  1. I really love mine, too, living in Florida it saves on a.c. rather than turning on the oven. I have an old-fashioned Presto that I received as a wedding gift in 1978. Can you share your lamb stew recipe please? Thanks!

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      I adapted one from Madhur Jaffrey. Basically, I had a few spoonful of the follwing herbs and spices: grated ginger, minced garlic, black peppercorn, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, cinnamon stick, bay leaves, and cloves.

      I browned the lamb cubes first in some oil, removed the meat. Tossed in all of my herbs and spices, sauteed it for a minute or so, add in my chopped onions, carmalized it, add a few tablespoon of tomato paste, threw in the meat, add a cup of water and close the cooker.

      After fifteen minutes, turn off the fire, let the pan cool before you open the pan. After you open it, add in half a cup of cream and boil a bit to thicken the sauce if it needs it.

      1. re: OnceUponABite Madhur Jaffrey...will try this next time I buy cubed lamb!

    2. Check out "Cooking Under Pressure" by Lorna Sass. Bet you can get it cheaply on

      1. I too have just started using the pressure cooker. I was afraid it would blow up - still am a little bit, but what a time saver when making beans!! 10 minutes or so instead of 2 hours makes then accessible without planning ahead - lentils too. Haven't been brave enough to try meat yet!

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          The couple times I have heard about the pressure cooker blowing up, the person was cooking beans. It is easy enough for them to lodge in the mechanism, as they are small and shoot around inside the pot while cooking. I don't mean to scare you, but please be careful. I like beans too, and now I just rinse them off, and boil for an hour to soften them up, before using in a recipe and cooking more. Lentils don't take that long to cook, relative to larger beans. I think meat would actually be a safer bet to cook in the PC.

        2. Maybe we need to quit talking about pressure cookers "blowing up." They don't. They may pop the pressure relief safety valve and make a hell of a mess, but that's all. The top is not going to fly off. They aren't going to blow up and send shrapnel every which way.

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          1. re: yayadave

            Exactly, yayadave. And the new ones won't even lose their safety valves. They release steam long before that will happen. Now if we were talking about the post-WWII models of the '50s, that would be another story!

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              When I was little I saw this movie, and in it someone was selling defective pressure cooker and it blew up! I think since then I've been avoiding them like the plague. BUT! That's way back then. I'm a total convert now!

              1. re: pilotgirl210

                Yes, older models were involved in the incidents I heard about - glad technology has moved on.