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Dec 11, 2006 07:38 PM

Breakfast Downtown


Will be staying in the Omni downtown on a weeknight and need suggestions for breakfast the next morning. Would like to walk to the restaurant if possible.


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  1. Actually, they make pretty good food there.

    1. You didn't say how far you want to walk.

      But my favorite is The Original Pantry Cafe. It's an LA landmark restaurant(80 years) in LA. Open 24 hours a day and your classic American breakfast fare and huge portions. Make sure you order the grilled sour dough toast.

      1. You can also try Angelique Cafe - my husband and I go there all of the time for breakfast after we go to the flower mart.

        Address and AOL City Guide description follow:

        840 S Spring St (at the fork of Spring and Main)
        Los Angeles, CA 90014
        13.79 Miles Away
        Get directions | View map

        Nearest subway:
        Pershing Square at 500 S Hill St (0.45 miles away)

        Phone: 213-623-8698
        Fax: 213-623-8782

        From the Editor
        The image of the toqued French chef doesn't fit Bruno Hervé, who typically wears shorts and black combat boots, but clearly the legions of loyal patrons don't care about his unorthodox ways. Bruno trained in Normandy, and he is a charcuterie (pork-butcher's shop) master. In addition to seductive pâté coated in parsley and the spicy merguez (sausage), there's a delicious smoked-salmon salad, a stellar cold eggplant-tomato casserole, even a decent cheese plate. Count on lots of double kissing at this casual bistro, especially on the patio, where the French contingent dominates.