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Dec 11, 2006 06:51 PM

Where's my best bet for chocolate? Staying at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square on my

first visit to New York Jan 2 to 6th. Would love to find some "knock your sox off" chocolate to bring back with me (no Godiva please). Any great neighborhood chocolate shops or dessert bars that should not be missed?

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  1. Key's Chocolates in Soho at 80 Thompson St.

    She make fresh chocolates daily in interesting flavors such as Earl Grey, Balsamic, Lemon Basil and Lavender. She's also a very sweet woman who seems to go out of her way to please her customers.

    I also like the bars of chocolate at Vosges (also in Soho at 132 Spring St.


    Other items like the truffles or caramel marshmallows have been somewhat disappointing. They just don't come off as good as they look. Too mass-produced maybe. The shop is worth a look though.

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      If you go to Kee's, do also check out the nut truffles - I love both the almond and pistachio ones, also the creme brulee chocolates.

      1. re: MMRuth

        Kee's is great but a lot of her stuff doesn't travel well (like the signature creme brulee) so be sure to ask.

        As for Vosges, I find that the bars and hot chocolate is good but the truffles aren't. They have high quality ingredients and are high concept but in my opinion, never deliver as well as they promise with their various wasabi and curry leaf and sea salt combinations.

        As long as you're down in Soho, you might as well head over to MarieBelle, too. I like their tins of hot chocolate, and all of their stuff is beautifully designed. There's also a nice but small cafe area in the back where you can rest your feed.

        Closer to you:
        La Maison Du Chocolat (Rockefeller Center)
        Richart (7 E 55th St)

        And a little bit further is Martine's in Bloomingdale's at 1000 Third Avenue (59th/60th Sts).

        Oh, and since you're looking for the opposite of Godiva -- avoid Max Brenner's two shops.

        1. re: kathryn

          True re: Kee's chocolates travelling - missed the bit about bringing it back home.

    2. Not much in that neighborhood for chocolate as far as I know - Teuscher has wonderful champagne truffles - E. 60th (I think) off Madison.

      I second the Kee's rec - my favorite.

      1. Closer to Times Square is Pierre Marcolini. While I haven't been there myself, having tried a piece of their chocolate I am excited to go!

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        1. re: Produce Addict

          Pierre Marcolini is on Park Avenue - I believe in the high 50's - excellent chocolates.

        2. my vote is for Chocolet Moderne ( 27 West 20th St. 9th floor) they do sell retail and they are stocked at a few places around the city.

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            Other places that stock Chocolat Modern are City Bakery (Union Square) and Murray's Cheese (West Village), if you happen to be in those neighborhoods.

          2. im surprised no one mentioned richart 50th between 5th and mad i think. not only are these some of the most well made choc's their works of art.check out the website