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Dec 11, 2006 06:46 PM

zento brief review

We tried Zento after a movie at the Bourse, and this was our first impression:

Pleasant, simple space, with nice wooden chopsticks instead of the disposable kind you usually encounter. We only tried the sushi, and therefore this is far from a complete review. The fish was too cold, detracting from its flavor. Otherwise the quality was good. The portions are small for the price they charge, but not unreasonable. I would not go back because the fish was too cold; that counts as a major drawback for me. (I've noticed that some sushi chefs place the fish on warm-ish sushi rice, and I always thought this was because the rice was prepared too recently, but now I wonder if it's an intentional way to take the chill off the fish?) Also, if you're sensitive to escolar, be aware that they include it in the chirashi and on the menu as "white tuna."

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  1. Finally stopped in with a buddy. Small space (about 20 seats) with a 3 seat sushi bar. Had a calamari salad, (good, not great, and somewhat on the small side.) Tried the spicy tuna, the eel, and a rainbow roll as well as a scallop appetizer (which was very nice) and a few other special rolls. All in all, the quality was good but lucky I wasn't too hungry. Nice that it's a byo. Place was empty when we got there (6:30ish) and packed when we left (there wasn't even an open table, so they must be getting a steady crowd.) Worth a try if you like Kisso.

    SUSHI ALERT! A new place is opening up on Market between 2nd and Front (Closer to Front) called Uzu. I know nothing about it except that I saw something in the window advertising 30% off something (probably meal certificates) if you buy before they open.

    1. Interesting, I'll have to go there some time.

      1. Actually, the Uzu sign in the window says they are opening 3/2-3/9 for their first week and you get 30% off the dinner menu. At least that is what I think I saw, passing by at 30mph, in the pouring rain.