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Dec 11, 2006 06:24 PM

Looking for a New Years' foodie getaway, anywhere in Canada

I want to whisk my husband away for a romantic foodie getaway for New Years, but stay for a few nights. Budget is not an issue - we are so glad to have the grandparents take the kids and we can fly or drive somewhere, relax at a good inn or hotel, and most importantly, EAT WELL. You know, like we did before we had kids.
Can anyone recommend somewhere please? We were thinking of Domain of Killien in Ontario, but I kind of like the idea of flying him somewhere.. maybe Quebec, or the Rockies, or Vancouver Island.. or somewhere down east. FOOD IS THE MOST IMPORTANT CRITERIA!!
Please help!

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  1. If I had that option and the travel time - I'd head to Tofino and stay at the Wickininish (sp?) Inn ...

    1. NOT bad at all. Though I think he's likely to have the best time in the mountains. Any other suggestions? Please hurry cuz I gotta book soon!

      1. Wickinnish Inn is beautiful. It is right on Long Beach with the whole open Pacific right in front of you. People go there just to experience the storms. Don't know about the food though and getting there would be an adventure.

        Sooke Harbour House west on Victoria is very special. Food is unbelievable but the New years celebration would be very quiet.

        Stay away from Whistler. Mediocre food and a drunken madhouse on New Years.

        Vij's in Vancouver makes possibly some of the most delicious Indian food on the planet. Try the lamb popsicles, incredible. It is small but very nice, and the host is gracious. They don't take reservations because Vikram is an egalitarian person

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          The food at Wickinnish - at least when I was there a couple of years ago - was fantastic.

        2. MMRuth/Jande9:

          "Great" and apparently not modest [smile] minds think alike.

          When I read tuguegrrl's initial inquiry and saw that Vancouver Island was mentioned and the no budget issue proviso, I immediately thought of the Wick.

          We go to Tofino in the Fall and when last there in November figured it had been for almost 20 years including staying at the Wick for the first 6 or 7 years of its existence.

          The food was spectacular when Rod Butters was the original chef and unfortunately I thought it had deteriorated thereafter including one lamentable spell when they elected to go with a menu where you picked smaller individual courses to create a meal rather than a la carte or table d'hote. Not tapas. Just wierd and did not work particularly if you were there for more than a day or two.

          Since Andrew Springett took over the kitchen it has been vastly improved. We went up for lunch a couple of times this last visit and it was very good. I had a terrific smoked sable fish course.

          We did not try it for dinner because we rent a house down Chesterman and I tend to do the cooking or barbequing in the evening. That way we can consume whatever amount of wine we want. Also, come Fall the sun has set about 5:30 or 6:00 and as a result you lose that spectacular view of the ocean and beach.

          We flew out a couple of years ago for my birthday and it was wonderful. That way we did not have to worry about the time necessary to make our way from Nanaimo. One year I am going to rent a sportscar and "enjoy" Highway 4 rather than lumbering across with our fully packed and loaded down minivan [smile].

          I would recommend Craig Air over the competitors out of the Richmond float and small plane terminal in Vancouver.

          I think I will go to their updated web-site and daydream about being out there.


          Rocky Mountain alternatives might be the Banff Springs, Chateau Lake Louise or Jasper Park Lodge. Unfortunately they are all quite expensive and the food can be problemeatic. They all are first class resorts with great views.

          Probably a better bet would be the Post Hotel in Lake Louise. Outstanding food or the Rimrock in Banff. I have not been to the latter but have friends who have and raved about the Eden Dining Room and Chef Yoshi.

          Have a great time. I am envious.