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Dec 11, 2006 06:21 PM

Frittelli's -- Ehh...

Finally got a chance to try Frittelli's Doughnuts (350 N Canon Dr., Beverly Hills, (310) 276-1408, http://www.frittelli.com ) over the weekend, and have to say, I wasn't particularly impressed. Sampled a glazed buttermilk bar, which is generally my favorite item; it was a bit dry, and while the flavor was okay, it's not in the same league as Primo's (2918 Sawtelle, just north of National, (310) 478-6930). Also tried a green apple fritter, which, on Saturday morning, was the only item they had that was still warm. Again, it wasn't bad, but was a bit over-fried/burnt, which I think gave it a bitter aftertaste. Remarkably, I finished neither item. Service was gruff and indifferent.

I love (!!!) doughnuts, and have, at times, gone hundreds of miles out of my way in order to visit a good doughnut shop. I had high hopes for Frittelli's, but, based on the (admittedly small) sample of items I tried on Saturday, this place doesn't seem to be worth a special trip. The citizens of BH are all fired up about Frittelli, but I suspect that's mostly because they've been on Atkins and/or low fat diets for the past 10 years and so had forgotten a basic fact of life: doughnuts, any doughnuts, are friggin' good. That said, if the sample I had was typical, I'm pretty confident that, in a blind taste test, Frittelli would be beaten by your run-of-the-mill New England Dunkin Doughnuts (and it's certainly no Primo's, Doughnut Plant, or Butler's Colonial).

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  1. I stopped in around 8 this morning on my way to an appointment and had the peanut butter & jelly doughnut and a latte, and must agree with you David, it is truly not worth the calories or the hype, or ...!
    Good enough, but...
    And the latte will never challenge Peet's either!

    1. That's too bad you had such a negative experience. I've only been once, but when I did go, I had a completely *opposite* experience. Also had the fritter, which I thought was the best I ever had. You could taste the fresh ingredients and it was cooked perfectly. Didn't have the buttermilk, but tried a couple of the other cake doughnuts and thought they were very moist. And the service was attentive and very nice, though maybe it's b/c I went on a weekday instead of a weekend?

      Overall, I thought Fritelli's had very tasty doughnut at a very reasonable prices. I'll admit it didn't rock my world, but if I ever have a doughnut craving again, I would def go back.

      1. I actually like the slightly burnt caramel on the fritter, but agree that Fritelli is no life changing doughnut experience. Biggest complaint: cold cold doughnuts. So much could be forgiven if they just served the darned things warm.

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          Pei, please be fair to Fritelli's. You posted on this site just 4 days ago that you vehemently dislike ALL doughnuts, not just cold ones.


          As for your "biggest complaint": Sure, I have no doubt that they serve cold doughnuts ... just like every single doughnut shop I've ever been to in my life. I also have no doubt that if you're lucky enough to get a Fritelli doughnut right after it's been made and put on display, it will be warm. (Just like bagels, cookies, etc. at other establishments.) In your other Fritelli's posting, you even noted that the apple fritter you ate was the last one they had in stock. Again, be fair. If you ordered the last bagel in a shop, would you be surprised if it was cold?

          1. re: Arthur

            Who's being unfair? I dislike doughnuts, but I still know what a good doughnut tastes like: light, airy, minimally greasy, fresh, and warm. I also did not pan Fritelli's, I just said it wasn't some kind of opinion-changing, wonderful, amazing doughnut. I said someone who likes doughnuts would probably enjoy it, but someone who doesn't like doughnuts probably still won't like doughnuts after going there.

            Krispy Kreme, as much as I dislike their doughnuts, manages to serve them warm to almost every customer. I know because when I buy boxes to give other people, I can feel the heat. I've also had corner mom n' pop doughnut shops serve me a warm doughnut or bear claw on my walk to work.

            I bought the last apple fritter, but there were plenty of cinnamon twists even after I bought one. Also cold. I went pretty early in the morning, there were trays and trays of all kinds of doughnuts, and they were nowhere near running out. It was nothing like buying the last bagel in a bagel shop and realizing it's cold. Apparently, other people have also purchased cold doughnuts at Fritelli's.

            There are also bakeries that offer to warm up your goodies if you are willing to wait 5 minutes. This wasn't an option at Fritelli's. I'm not saying they're obligated to make it an option, just that every single doughnut shop in the world does NOT serve them cold.

            1. re: Pei

              Krispy Kreme only serves one kind of donut with any expectation of warmth, the traditional glazed. The only reason they are (or at least used to be) able to accomplish that with any regularity is because of the incredibly high turnover rate of that line of doughnuts. The rest of their doughnuts are as likely to be as cold as those in any other doughnut shop.

              As you've pointed out (with disdain), most doughnuts are fried, not baked. No self-respecting doughnut shop is going to reheat them in an oven or microwave.

              With the utmost respect to your expressed personal taste, what is most unfair to Fritelli's is that, despite your acknowledged dislike of all doughnuts, you continue to repeatedly assert expectations and demand standards that do not exist anywhere in the real world - and that you keep harping on them. Next time you want a warm doughnut, I respectfully suggest that you ask the counterperson which doughnuts are warm and select one of those. Otherwise, yes, it's unfair to repeatedly denigrate a store for giving you exactly the item you asked for.

        2. haven't tried Frittelli's yet, but I did try Primo's a couple of weeks. got about 16 donuts for the office, and I can't tell you how happy everyone was...the cinnamon buns were glazed right in front of me and all the donuts were still warm! I loved them!

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          1. The wife and I sampled Fritelli's on Saturday afternoon. If you go expecting the world's most amazing donut, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. If you want a cute shop with good product and some unique flavors (heath bar, cranberry), it's worth a visit.

            We tried two cake (latte and maple), two raised (chocolate dipped and cinnamon twist) and an apple fritter. All were fresh and good-tasting. Maybe a bit overpriced, but they have to pay Beverly Hills rent. And it's still cheaper than a $4 cupcake.

            As for the service, we found them helpful and happy to offer suggestions of their favorites.

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            1. re: jeffrey

              While I still haven't been to Fritelli's, I cannot comprehend the many gripes I've heard about its prices. From what I've read on this site, most of the doughnuts there cost around a dollar, which puts it in the same general price league as most other doughnut establishments on the west side, let alone Beverly Hills. And it speaks volumes when a mere buck for an apparently high-quality doughnut seems to have raised more hackles than $2.50 for a small, plain, untopped yogurt at Pinkberry's ever did.

              1. re: Arthur

                krispy krap serves about 75 to 90 cents for one of their donuts so yeah, fritelli's isn't bad at all price wise (and the days of getting 50 cent donuts are almost long gone).