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Dec 11, 2006 06:16 PM

Best Fish Markets North of Boston

#1 - Connolly's - Gloucester, MA (Main St)
#2 - David's - Salisbury, MA (Rt 1 - Bridge St)
#3 - Rownands - Beverly, MA (at the Beverly Salem Bridge)

Conolly's takes only cash and closes at 3PM. Free ice and bags for it. They often carry fresh frozen softshell crabs very cheap!

Davids has a huge selection, including crabs in season, soft-shell and otherwise.

Rowands is a great stop for lobster roll and excellent selection of fresh local fish. The dock is 25 yards from the store.

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  1. From your list, I would delete David's. The fish never looks quite fresh to me. I think they save the good stuff for their commercial customers. More than once I've walked into David's, looked around, and walked out again.

    I don't know Connolly's. I do like Rowands very much.

    I would also add Hometown Sea Foods in Andover to this list. Good selection, and very fresh. Their prepared foods are underwhelming, unfortunately.

    1. i'd add the Lobster Tail (or is it claw?) in the Butcher Boy plaza in No. Andover.

      1. Connolly's is very good. I didn't know about Rowands so thanks for that tip. In Ipswich, Ipswich Shellfish Fish Market is a beautiful market w/ wonderful stuff:

        1. Fishermans Fleet in Maplewood square, malden is good. They do a lot of wholesake, but do have a fish market.
          Turners in Melrose is good- though pricy.
          Used to be a great place in North REading- the Lobster Claw. Used to have a fish market and eatin/takeout restaurant. Unfortunately, they do not have the market anymore- only the restaurant. They had great fish, great prices, and the the fish monger was always ready with advice on recipes, cooking times, etc.

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            Cherry Street Fish Market in Danvers is terrific. I think it's better than Rowands in terms of freshness. True, Cherry Street lacks the waterfront location that Rowands has, but it's my favorite. Can't beat the inexpensive and very fresh "chowder fish" at Cherry Street!

            1. re: nlg

              I would have included Cherry Street, too, if I weren't old and forgetful. Good stuff, and cheaper than most of the competing fishmongers.

              1. re: nlg

                Cherry Street market is the best in quality and price. BUT, they are not very customer centric. For example, you see a nice piece of fish and ask for a smaller piece. First they are reluctant to cut it. Then when they do cut it and there is one piece that is clear and appetizing and a second piece that is bloody and not so appetizing, they give you the not so appetizing piece because they don't want to put that back in their case. I have had arguments with them about getting the best looking piece.

              2. re: macca

                Lobster Claw had a sign up about a month ago that they were going to be selling fish again. I have to say that I never liked their shrimp, if it hadn't been Christmas Eve, I would have brought it back one time!

                1. re: 4chowpups

                  Will have to check it out. I never had a problem with their shrimp-Used to love their sea scallops and haddock, as well as their fish cakes. Years ago I used to get their crabmeat salad- simply shredded crabmeat with a bit of mayo. WAs delicious.

              3. Connolly's is the freshest (boats unload on the docks behind their facility) with wholesale prices. Get there early because they sell out by 3pm. Ipswich Shellfish is good, but very, very, expensive. They are more of an upscale market with pricey prepared foods and gift items. Did I mention that they are expensive? Rowand's and Cherry St are good, but nithing compares to the quality of Connolly's.