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tailgating recipes

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Our turn to host the tailgate in a few weeks - looking for some ideas for about 18 people.

We'll have grills to cook with. Anybody have any good recipes or links?

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  1. I think you're looking more for menu ideas vs recipes. Also, need some more info before I can help: how far away is the event from your home and how much time will you have once you get there. Also, what kind of grill - gas or charcoal? That will help decide what you can prepare.

    1. I often make Marcella Hazan's Pizza Rustica for tailgates. It's a savory pie with a slightly sweet crust, and the filling is ricotta and eggs and mortadella and prosciutto and mozzarella and parm (how can one go wrong with these ingredients?). Holds well and tastes great at room temp/outdoors temp.

      1. How about muffuletta's? They can be made the day before and have great flavor. Emeril has a good one on foodnetwork.com

        You can also do carne asada and have warm the tortillas on the grill. Shrimp scewers marinaded in a tequilla lime would be fun.

        1. Thanks. The carne asada and marinaded shrimp skewers both sound great.

          Splendid, is the pizza something you make ahead of time, or can you cook on the grill?

          Wally - we have about an hour drive and will have several hours before the game. We're cooking with charcoal (of course!)

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            It's an ahead of time dish. Pizza is a bit misleading; it's more like a pie or quiche enclosed in pastry - I've also heard it called torta rustica. It definitely holds for hours. I've got one sitting in the office fridge upstairs as I write, for today's potluck! Baked it last night, fridge overnight.

          2. Spiedies are a good choice. You can prep ahead of time. Taste great grilled over charcoal.