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Dec 11, 2006 05:48 PM

Chez Catherine, Westfield NJ

This past weekend, my husband and I made our first visit to Chez Catherine based on all the fabulous reviews from RGR on this place. (All I can say to RGR is, "MERCI BEAU COUP!!!)

Oh my!! Where to begin. Everything was first class. The owner was such a delight to speak to. He made our visit a very memorable one, in which we cannot wait to go back! Service was impecable. Not rushed at all, and everything was perfectly paced out. Now for the best part, the food...

I started with the Wild Mushroom soup, and for dinner I had the Seafood Gratin, which was composed of lobster, scallops, shrimps, all in a unique lobster cream sauce. Wow! Was it great! My husband started with scallops in a sort of wine demi glaze. Outstanding! His entree was the short ribs of beef in a port wine sauce. It fell right off the bone, and so tasty!

Dessert...I had the apple tart with vanilla ice cream and my husband had the neopolian. I can't tell you which one was better, we kept saying oohhsss and ahhhs!!

Like I said, we can't wait to go back. Everything was remarkable and again I thank you so much RGR! Keep posting the great recomendations!!!

If you have not been to Chez Catherine, go and you will utterly satisfied!

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  1. Thanks for the report, Angelina. It's been over a year since we last dined at Chez Catherine, so I'm glad to hear that it's still first-rate. And, yes, Didier is a thoroughly charming host and raconteur. (Note: Previous to purchasing Chez Catherine, he spent many years as a maitre d' at La Grenouille and has loads of stories to tell.)

    1. Hi Angelina. We also love Chez Catherine, although we haven't been in a while, like RGR. Thanks for reminding me of how wonderful it is and thanks RGR for mentioning that Didier is formaly of La Grenouille - one of my husband's fav NYC restaurants.

      We really must make a point of getting back there soon!


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        Laurie, we felt as if we were in La Grenouille. (It was quite funny, because we were there about 2 weeks ago!)

        RGR, he did have many stories about La Grenouille, which we enjoyed listening to. It is nice to see a restaurant on this caliber in NJ, so we don't have to go into Manhattan if we feel like royal treatment!

      2. Another hand waving for Chez Catherine. As one who grew up in Westfield and visits friends often for dinner, CC is still the best place to splurge and enjoy a bit of pampering.

        1. We decided to try Chez Catherine during Westfield’s restaurant week, neither of us having been there for quite some time. During these two weeks most of the restaurants in town are offering a $15 two course lunch, a good way to try a new or revisited restaurant.

          When we arrived at 1:30 the owner or maitre’d, Mr. Juvenair (sp?) said that he would set up our table, we asked for the empty table near the window which he said we could have once we set it up. After being seated for 15 minutes no water was poured nor were we asked if we wanted drinks. The maitre’d and the lone waiter served 18 people total at four other tables, When Mr. J. did come by, I asked testily for water and he said, “if you are in a hurry, this is not the place to have lunch.” We weren’t in a hurry but did expect to be acknowledged. The
          place is very small. When my friend asked what kind of fish was the entrée choice, he said, “I told you before”…. and then described the salmon. The roasted red pepper soup was adequate; the salmon with lemon sauce, four pieces of green beans and small mound of mashed potatoes were well prepared. The bread was warm and fresh. The water was never refilled.

          My understanding is that this type of promotion is to have people to try the restaurants in town and bring in some additional business. If pleased, customers will return for dinner. No restaurant is required to participate. The snooty and indifferent service at Chez Catherine was insulting.

          We should have left but my friend was not able to walk far and we were settled in. I won’t return.