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McDonald's Angus Burger Report

Finally got a chance to try the new Angus Burger at McDonald's (at the South Pasadena location on Fair Oaks).

There are 3 varieties: 1. Angus with lettuce and tomato, 2. Angus with cheese, 3. Angus with Swiss and mushrooms.

I tried the standard Angus with lettuce and tomato. Friend got the one with swiss and shrooms. The beef patty is quite thick, but has the consistency and taste of meatloaf - makes the entire burger taste like a meatloaf sandwich.

The buns were also a little doughy and chewy - threw off the proper proportion of meat to bread ratio so critical to an iconic McDonald's burger.

The whole thing reminded me of an Eddie Murray joke from "Raw" where he describes his mother making him a "homemade" burger from Wonder bread and ground beef better suited for meatballs ... these Angus burgers sound good in theory, but they really aren't what you expect or want from McDonald's.

And at nearly $4 a pop (sans fries and drink), I'd rather get 3 or 4 double cheeseburgers and call it a day.

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  1. Thanks. I won't waste a meal.
    I was the original poster of the news article.

    1. I love and crave McDonald's Angus burgers! I've eaten them 3 out of the past 4 days from 3 separate locations.

      1. Are they using any other food products now?

        1. How do these compare to the Carls Jr six dollar burger, they are the same price.

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            Between the two, I think I would prefer the Carl's Jr burger.

            But really, my favorite burger at McDonald's is probably the 1/4 pounder and the real reason I ever go to McDonald's is for the Filet-O-Fish sandwich.

          2. I thought the angus deluxe was pretty good. One must put the evaluation of this burger in its proper context. McDs is a fast food place. I will admit an affinity for the 1/4 lber or dbl. I crave them when road tripping. I thought the angus deluxe with ketchup was good. I would order it again. Mcdonalds has a 1$ off coupon online.

            I am always disappointedwith Carls jr. I don't think i have ever had hot food there. Mildly change your order at Mcds and you always have hot food. In my case I always ask for extra ketchup on burgers and extra tarter on filet o fish.

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              that doesn't make any sense. I work at Mcdonald's and we build the sandwiches to order. there is no storage bin for completed sandwiches, like at Hardees (Carl's Jr).

            2. how does it compare to the Burger King Angus burger?

                  1. re: hollywoodmonkey

                    What a totally STUPID video! Don't waste your time...dumbest thing I have seen in a long time!

                  2. Yes I had it the other day, for a comparison I also bought a CJ's regular 6 dollar burger, I weighed them, the CJ's was 5% heavier, other than that they both look the same. Mac's has 2 pieces of cheese, CJ's one but I suspect that the patty is a little heavier. To me the Mac burger was drier than CJ's and overall I prefer the 6 dollar burger.

                    1. I may be joining this discussion late but I must comment on the Angus burger(swiss and mushroom) I had yesterday. It was terrific. I usually like my burgers dressed with lettuce,tomato,onion, and ketchup so I hadn't ordered this before for fear of being disappointed. But who knows, I was in an adventurous mood and decided to try it. For a chain who gets dissed often for being the antithesis of good food, I find McDonalds trying to step up to the plate in delivering a good burger at a good price and more importantly for its target customer- fast. It isn't often you can drive up to a window and order a hamburger as good as many sit down restaurants. If you get a chance, try it and hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised as well.

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                        I have had the Angus burger many many times now at several different McDonald's, and except for one, they have all been great, and I do not like McDonald's food for the most part. The Deluxe Angus is wonderful...in appearance and taste, and I have never had a dry one. The Carls Jr. burger is NOT heavier, as I like that one too and have also had it on occasion. The Angus burgers are worth the price. All I am saying to those of you who have not had one...don't listen to the naysayers and go try one for yourself, but remember, they are not going to taste the same at every McDonald's...you have to find one that makes them right and stick with them.

                        1. re: Ravynnelyn

                          doesn't that defeat the purpose of a chain?

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                            The Carls jr burger(6 dollar regular burger) is slightly heavier than the equivalent McD's burger, I have as an experiment brought them home and weighed them on a proffesional digital scale and the CJ's is about an ounce heaver, the meat is actually slightly heaver than McD's , at least out here on the west coast.

                          2. re: foodseek

                            Can someone tell me why McD sees fit to put mayo on the swiss/mushroom Angus burger? I had no idea they did that. I got home and had to wipe the mayo off the bun and brush off all the mushrooms because they were swimming in mayo. I wish fast food restaurants would list ingredients especially condiments that are on their sandwiches. And let us put out own cream and sugar in our coffee!!!!

                            1. re: Dimples51

                              Wow, weird. I'm not a fan of mushrooms and the thought of them swimming in mayo makes them even more repulsive. Blech! Not everything mayonnaise, McD's!

                            2. re: foodseek

                              This already failed once for them (not this sandwich, but trying to raise the bar). Remember the Arch Deluxe?

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                                Just a thought, though...the economy is different now and lots of consumers are "trading down" a notch from whatever they used to eat. If McDonald's could by some miracle produce a really good burger, they might well pick up business from the casual sit-down chains like Chili's or Applebees, where most of the food's now approaching inedible.

                            3. i like the angus burgers, have only ordered the deluxe (cheese, lettuce tomatoes and onion). Quite good.