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quick eats near Divisadero & Hayes

mchan02 Dec 11, 2006 05:37 PM

going to a show at the Independent tonight with some friends and we're looking for a place to grab a quick bite beforehand. We'll only have about 30 minutes. I'm not usually in this neighborhood - any suggestions?

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  1. Robert Lauriston RE: mchan02 Dec 11, 2006 05:46 PM

    Ziryab's very good. Tell them when you get there that you need to be done in half an hour.


    1. Melanie Wong RE: mchan02 Dec 11, 2006 05:48 PM

      I'll confess that I took my dad to Popeye's when we needed a quick bite. Spicy for me and regular for him.

      1. b
        brian j RE: mchan02 Dec 11, 2006 07:32 PM

        Burger Joint on Haight & Pierce is pretty. Good burger and fries with Niman Ranch meat.

        Thai Place II on Divisadero @ Page has some decent thai food. Been getting their Pad Thai lately. It's nothing extraordinary, but it's tastey and filling.

        Lilly's BBQ on Divisadero @ Grove (practially right across the street from the Independent) has some good ribs. They're nice and smokey, although they were a bit fatty last time I had them. They only have a few small tables, though.

        I advise you avoid the Pizza place directly across from the Independent. I've tried it a few times now and it's just blah.

        If you go early enough, NOPA could potentially be quick if there's room at the communal tables up front. They also have a great burger and fries, better than Burger Joint.

        Haven't tried it yet, but the Bean bag cafe is a popular spot right there, too. They have crepes and sandwiches, and a really cheap happy hour.

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        1. re: brian j
          Cynsa RE: brian j Dec 12, 2006 12:14 AM

          Bean Bag is a good choice; it's good for crepes - and, quick.
          Also, the salads and pizzas at Fly are very good!
          Just around the corner from Fly, is Kathmandu for Himalayan food...lovely family!
          I also like Zirab.
          Lots of good choices in the nabe! Enjoy the show at the Independent!

        2. s
          SteveG RE: mchan02 Dec 11, 2006 07:47 PM

          I would go with a wrap from Ziryab or a pizza at Little Star.

          Ziryab has a good charcoal/wood grill they use for the meats which puts them a notch above all the other middle eastern joints that "grill" things over propane.

          Little Star is great for deep dish pizza, and while eating in would be next to impossible due to the time constraints, you could order take out and wolf it down in a car if your seats are expendable. Too bad it's not summer, or you could eat your pizza in the park...

          If you're thinking Thai, we like Phuket over Thai Place II but the food wasn't much better. At least they knew which 4+ condiments should be on the table--the Chinese proprietors of Thai Place II only stocked Chinese condiments on the tables.

          If you end up going to Lilly's BBQ, call ahead to find out if they'll be open; I live in the neighborhood but haven't yet seen them open when my craving for that kind of food hits.

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          1. re: SteveG
            Lori SF RE: SteveG Dec 11, 2006 09:22 PM

            Little Star is closed on Mondays
            Also close by and they have all kinds of good hot food is the
            new Delissio Bakery and Market
            302 Broderick St. (at Oak)
            You can park across the street at the DMV and grab a quick bite.

          2. b
            Bob Copeland RE: mchan02 Dec 11, 2006 08:30 PM

            Cheesesteak Shop
            1716 Divisidero St.
            San Francisco, CA 94115
            (415) 346-3712

            Between Bush and Sutter?

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            1. re: Bob Copeland
              Robert Lauriston RE: Bob Copeland Dec 11, 2006 09:04 PM

              That's ten blocks away on the other side of Geary.

              Jay's Cheesesteak is near Hayes.

            2. m
              mchan02 RE: mchan02 Dec 11, 2006 09:34 PM

              thanks for all the suggestions, hounds! i think i'll try out Ziryab, as I've been craving some good Middle-Eastern lately.

              1. m
                Maya RE: mchan02 Dec 11, 2006 11:59 PM

                Please report back! I've been curious about this place.

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