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Dec 11, 2006 05:34 PM

Best Fruit Pies?

So who knows the best place to buy a great "homemade" fruit pie? Apple is usually the most demanding test. Crust is as important as the filling. Want to be able to buy the whole pie, not just eat a slice in a restaurant. Willing to go anywhere in the greater Seattle area...but the Eastside would be the most convenient.

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  1. Well, since you haven't gotten any other responses, I'll throw in my .02. I held off since my answer felt so unhelpful, but it's better than nothing!

    The best pie crust I've ever had (as in, EVER) was at the Tweetie's (Tweedle's?) Cafe in North Bend, about an hour east of Seattle. It's the cafe that was the inspiration for Northern Exposure, and apparently their cherry pie had something to do with that. Once I heard that I had to try it. The pie crust was AMAZING: flaky but toothsome, light and crisp around the edges. The cherry filling, however, was nothing special. I know they serve apple as well, though I don't know if they sell by the pie. So that one might be worth a try. (If anything, go try the crust and report back!)

    I would also mention that the Dahlia Bakery often has the most fabulous looking fruit pies in their window. On more than one occasion I have stopped and stared, just wondering what it tastes like. And since Tom Douglas is known for his coconut cream pie, there is a good chance the fruit pies are good as well. Bonus there is I think they sell miniature versions too, so you could buy one of those as a tester to see if it's worth buying a larger size, since as bakeries go Dahlia can be a little pricey.

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      The name of the restaurant is Twede's, and it was featured in "Twin Peaks", not "Northern Exposure". Back then it was known as the Mar-T Cafe.

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        My bad, I should have googled to make sure I had the details right. Thanks for the corrections! ....My comments about the pie stand though. ;-)

    2. I'd try the Dahlia's fruit pies, too, since the coconut is so good, but I wonder if they only make them when the fruit is in season. I've been on the lookout for good pie here (actually, anywhere-if I'm traveling and get a good pie tip, I'll check it out) for years and honestly think there is none besides what you can make at home. Bought pies are just always so awful. I don't know why this is so hard for bakeries and restaurants, but it is.

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        Right now at the Dahlia there's a cranberry meringue--super zingy cranberry curd with the lightest meringue you've ever had.

      2. I know this is a little out of the way but Snohomish Pie Company in snohomish makes some of the best pies in the area.

        1. Does Montana count as Pacific Northwest? If so, The Park Cafe, right outside Glacier National Park in St. Mary must be included in this list. Great pie of all sorts, but, perhaps most impressive is that they put out a sugarfree Razzleberry pie which anyone would be hard pressed to identify as sugarfree. The rest of the food there is not bad either (particularly when compared to the food inside the park) and a great bunch of young folks working there. But, you have to get it while you can because they have a very short season in that neighborhood.

          1. Simply Desserts. 3421 Fremont Ave N. I don't know about apple, but their 3 berry pie is almost as good as homemade (I come from a pie baking family).