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Dec 11, 2006 05:34 PM

Big smoky steak in San Antonio, plus Mi Tierra

After searching the board, I surmise great BBQ is not to be found in the city. But how about a big juicy steak cooked over, say, mesquite coals?? Is there anything like that around town? Thanks!
Oh-I ate at Mi Tierra last night and LOVED it. I had a gold Margarita, frozen, no salt, extra lime, and it was perhaps the best Margarita I've ever enjoyed. The "grande" size was just right for me, too ( because it was actually pretty small, maybe 8 ounces). I also had the marinated pork-YUUM! It was super-tender and just fatty enough to make a fantastic soft taco, especially when combined with the outstanding guacamole and a really nice fresh salsa with big chunks o'jalepeno. I really wanted to try something from the bakery but was too full. I think I will stop in for a pumpkin empanada and coffee this afternoon, though,

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  1. Hey there's some pretty good BBQ in San Antonio.
    One of my favorites is Grady's, but I know that there is plenty of pit cooked type places all over, particularly on the East side and the northern part of the city heading towards Helotes.
    You can check out some other BBQ place at
    I haven't been to Mi Tierra in years myself, but I do know that the bakery alone is worth the visit.

    1. I found this bit 'o Web about my favorite BBQ place in SA:

      When I last lived in SA three years ago, Bob's was a get-your-fingers wet kind of place. The bubbas behind the plexi-glass hand-cut the brisket, pulled off the wood-fired cooker right behind them.

      If you're looking for circa '60s East Side SA BBQ, look no further than (whatever it's now called) Bob's on Roland. Stay away from the ribs. Stick with the brisket sandwich (hand carved with hand sliced onion and pickle) and get the sides that satisfy you. The carvers deals with the food, the cashier deals with cash (no plastic). The experience is...good eats.

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        I recently had lunch at the Bobs on Fredericksburg and the brisket was pretty darn good. Lean, mean, tender and tasty. The sides were OK, beans very very spiced with chili powder. Potato salad, sweet but OK. I ordered just a quarter lb of brisket and would definitely go again!