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Dec 11, 2006 05:30 PM

Jamaican Cuisine

Chowhounder's have any of you tried Derrick's in Ladera Heights, or any other Jamaican Restaurants in the area? I think there's another hole in the wall place in Santa Monica, anyone been there?

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  1. The hole-in-the-wall is Cafe Royale on 14th and Broadway. I don't really like it. There's also Ginja Lions on Ventura and Eureka in Studio City and Coley's Caribbean on Magnolia in NoHo.

    1. I'll put a qualified vote of support in for the Santa Monica place, actually called Port Royal, on Broadway just off 14th St. Good curried goat, decent oxtail and jerked chicken. Most days they have a $5 lunch special. Nice people, too.

      1. I know it's not Jamaican (its Trinidadian and the cuisine is very similar) but I definitely recommend Carribean Treehouse in the Ladera Heights-ish area.

        I've never been but Jonathan Gold recommends "Natraliart".