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Dec 11, 2006 05:30 PM

Christmas Business Lunch in Calgary?

Looks like I got put in charge of organizing a lunch for 10 people in my department for Christmas (nothing like short notice during Christmas!) Since I'm on the south edge of downtown, I would like to keep it downtownish for transportation reasons...

Most of my usual haunts are already booked till Christmas (ie. Divino's, Murietta's, Wildwood).

Any suggestions - want to keep the price to around $30 a person, including drinks/tax. I have an eclectic crew, so variety is preferable.

Looking for inspiration...

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  1. $30..... hmmmmm- Centini has nice group space, but $30?

    1. Milestones might work. Or if you wanted to come a bit further north there's Metropolitan Grill. Not sure if they would have room this close to Christmas - but worth a try. Could you go a little earlier or later than the normal crowds?

      1. "$30 a person, including drinks/tax"

        Maybe Escoba, which I believe is still open (but I very much could be wrong).

        1. Thanks for suggestions. Someone wants to try the newly renovated Victoria's Bistro. They have space, so it might be interesting! Will let you know!