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Help - where to buy candied orange/grapefruit peel?

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I don't have time to make my own, and I need candied orange or grapefruit peel for a cake. Whole Foods does not carry it, which surprises me. Where else can I go in the District?

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  1. This probably doesn't help, but I've seen candied ginger at Hudson Trail Outfitters, an outdoor store. They have a location in Tenleytown.

    1. Nothing comes to mind, but if I needed some, I would call around at gourmet candy stores.

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        Also - it's worth giving Dean & Deluca a call.

      2. You can actually buy it online from Amazon (weird, I know!)


        1. Try La Cuisine in Alexandria. 703-836-4435

          If they don't have it (I would be surprised!), they will know who does.

            1. Thanks for the replies - Balducci's and the place in Alexandria had the candied peel, but since I don't have a car, I figured it would be faster to make it myself than to metro to buy it. I think that it turned out well and was not as time-consuming as I had originally anticipated.

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                am very interested - how did you make it yourself? I have been looking for one without nasties and can't find one (plus I want lemon by itself) so have been thinking of doing it myself but don't know how!