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Dec 11, 2006 05:00 PM

goat or sheep farmsand honey to tour in langudoc?

Family wishes to tour goat or sheep farms and honey producing farms in languedoc?? ALso wondering if winde producers in area would make tour interesting enough for 13,17, and 20 year olds with great curious minds???

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  1. Below is a link to the French Government's program "Bienvenue a la Ferme" (Welcome to the Farm), which lists over 5,000 farms across the country. It includes a search engine for finding all kinds of farms that are open to visit: ferme-auberge (serve full meals) gouter (serve snacks or light meals) or ones that just sell their own produce. There are also farms that are open to visit (decouverte) that provide tours or other programs. And then there are ones that provide lodging as well.

    The link is for the English version. In the orange field to the left, under the heading 'Search for a Farm,' click on 'By Option' which will give you a multi-criteria box in which you can search by location, type of accomodation, activity, or food offered, and also by keyword - such as sheep (brebis), goat (chevre), or honey (miel).

    I haven't used the English version, but the French version works very, very well.

    Report back if you need any help.