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Dec 11, 2006 04:52 PM

Cuisinart wine refrigerator?

I am looking for a small home wine refrigerator for a Xmas gift, and recently found one at Crate n Barrel. It is a Cuisinart 11 bottle fridge with temp control. Anyone familiar with this product? I saw it in a catalog and was hoping it would be a good one, it runs about $180. Once i saw it in person, it seemed cheaply made, so I am looking for advice here.
Are there good wine fridges out there that come in smaller sizes? I don't want a full size model for two reasons. One, I don't think I can swing it financially and two, the person I am buying it for doesn't have an orderly garage. Although maybe this would motivate him...
I'd be willing to spend around $400 to $500 if it were really worth it.
Thanks for any advice you all can give.

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  1. Well, I hope the Cuisinart in C&B is nice, because I'm getting one for Christmas. He's installing it today in our newly redone/organized/cleaned out laundry porch next to the kitchen so I can use it for our party Saturday. I'm pretty sure my husband read some reviews in Consumer Reports, and evidently, this model did fine.

    1. Good to know, hope it works out for you!
      CR will be my next search.

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        I'll let you know when it's up and running and filled with wine! And just FYI - a place to put this wine fridge was one of the motivating factors in cleaning out and redoing that awful laundry porch! Maybe it will work on a garage too!

      2. We bought at 50-60 bottle VinoTemp through for $499 with free shipping. It is WELL worth it. It is about the size of a mini fridge and fit into our NYC mini kitchen just fine. If you (or your recipient) have 11 wines to store you WILL eventually have more. So my advice is get the largest one you can afford, balancing quality, # bottles & price. This is a great price for the # of bottles. We've had ours since July and have been happy with it. We were looking at 35 bottle holders initially but are definitely glad we have more capacity.

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          Thanks for the tip, I saw a larger model at Cost Co. yesterday for about $550, and wondered if larger would be the way to go. Not sure of the brand at CC, but I will check on Amazon.
          I agree, larger capacity is better, but I don't want my gift to turn into a burden for the recipient. He'd need to clean out his garage, and it's cold and rainy here now. Was hoping to find something he could use for parties and get togethers, instead of trying to find room for chilled wine in his fridge, which looks a lot like his garage, unfortunately.
          Does VinoTemp make a smaller, say 30ish bottle model?

          1. re: rabaja

            I don't think Vino Temp has a smaller wine frig. Like you point out, it really depends on the purpose. If it's just to keep the wine at the right temp before serving, a smaller cabinet would probably do nicely. If you have wines (like we do) that need to be cellared and live in an inappropriate climate then a larger frig is really essential. We've been happy with the Vino Temp though if you do order it ask to double wrap it. Our first one was received damaged and had to be returned which was a big hassle as it took up the entire living room of our small NYC apt. Best of luck.

        2. i'm no connisseur by any means, but i do enjoy keeping a large selection of wine at home for sipping and entertaining. i have an avanti little tavern, purchased four years ago for $99, and i still looove it. it's cute, super-tiny, and works well. for someone like me, the more expensive ones would make no difference to anything other than my wallet!