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Dec 11, 2006 04:45 PM

Any Good Japanese Restaurants in Union County, NJ?

Had a craving for Japanese food yesterday(hey! I'm 9 weeks pregnant!) and since someone mentioned 'Fuji' in Westfield, hubby and I dropped by. Had the unagi roll and the pork katsudon (can't wait to deliver so I can eat raw fish again!)I have never had bad Japanese food but this was it! The rice on the roll wasn't seasoned well and the egg in the 'donburi' was more of a 'scrambled egg' on top of rice. And the place was more 75% full at 7pm on a Sunday night! Will never go back there again.

But I still am craving for good Japanese food. Anyone with recc's for good ( I'll settle for decent food if good Japanese food is not available) Japanese food in Union County? Or must I go into the city to get my fix?

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  1. In Watchung, just over the county line is Ajian on Route 22 West - just before that gigantic mall. Although the sushi was the draw for us, the Nabeyaki don Soup is excellent, and so is the tempura and broiled eel.

    1. Arirang on Rte 22 West (across from he Sapnish Tavern) and Beni Hana on Menlo Park - Rte 1 area

      4 years later... Enjoy! lol

      1. There are many Japanese restaurants here; so many recently opening that I haven't yet tried. Lately I go to Go Sushi on Rt 22East in Scotch Plains, across from Bowcraft/ Also good is Fujiyamama on South Ave in Westfield.

        1. My family and I never really liked Fuji to be honest. Here's my recommendations:

          If you're going to go to Menlo Park, you might as well stop by Itchi Umi for all you can eat buffet of Japanese food. It's pretty much the rival to Minado.

          Further down route 1 there's also U-Yee sushi which has half off the majority of their sushi rolls (even a boatload of their much more expensive rolls) on weekdays. Be prepared to wait for at least 30 mins on a light day for that one.

          If you want some really excellent sushi, I'd go to Sushi Suzuki in Metuchen. Their sushi chefs are AMAZING. Every time I take my friends there, we have to take pictures of their special rolls. In the past I never liked any complicated rolls because it just tasted like a bunch of things thrown together. I don't know how they do it, but each component of the sushi comes out when eating it - sometimes even at different points while you're eating it! The prices aren't bad at all. Here's the website: Hopes this helps :)

          1. As a previous poster mentiioned, we haven't been fans of Fuji since the original owners sold the place (about 5 yrs. ago) and Fujiyama Mama is WAAAAAY too loud. Our favorite in Union Cty. that I've mentioned in the past is Nagoya in a shopping center on North Ave. just off Central Ave in Westfield. Good quality fish and while I've never had their cooked food it looks good.