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Dec 11, 2006 04:44 PM

Kielbasa in NEPA?

I'm a big fan of Kutsop's Olde World Market in Olyphant, where they make it once a week. Years ago, Catalano's Market, on Cedar Ave., in Scranton, was great until Mr. and Mrs. Catalano retired. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Try Lobitz' catering in Hazleton. It's homemade and always different. Also, the kielbasa at Carone's supermarkets is homemade.


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      Thanks, Tom. I left the area in the early 70's but we return to McAdoo to vist my mom and aunt 4-6 times a year. My wife, a pureblood Yankee and I like to check out the local food and bar scene in the evening.Can you recommend any other good eats in the Hazleton area? Ethnic? Mex/Hispanic. Funky bars?

    2. My family swears by Kowalonek's Kielbasy Shop at 332 Main Street in Shenadoah (down I-81 about 1 hour from Scranton).

      1. Kowalonek's used to be good, but the original guy died, and his kids are putting out an incredibly salty and fatty product. The regulars still line up at holiday times, but, for my money - I'm born and raised in that area - it's not worth it.

        In Shenandoah, though, there is a place called Lucky's Deli, which produces a far superior kilebasa, smoked and fresh, and their other items, which you won't find at Kowalonek's, are just terrific. We always stock up and go nuts whenever we get to Lucky's.

        Good luck. A good loop of kilebasa is a thing of beauty.

        Lucky's Corner Deli
        (570) 462-1447
        720 W Centre St
        Shenandoah, PA 17976

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          do you know anything about Kweder's or Slezosky's? Slezosky's opened a store in Bristol, PA and produced the absolute best fresh kielbasa I ever had. My friends and family can attest as well. They shut down after about 2years, not sure why. From what I can find out, the fresh kielbasa recipe originated from a guy by the name od Zweder, from Shanendoah, Pa. If you have any info on these families or where I can purchase this product please let me know.

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            I grew up on Jackie Kweder's meats. He was our family's butcher and grocer for years and years. I remember going to his wedding, that's how much a part of our family he was! He's gone now, so is his wife, and the kids closed the business. Slezosky was his uncle, his mother's brother, my high school chemistry teacher, no less! Told you it was all in the family. I never knew that they opened a store, but I'm not surprised that it didn't last. It's hard work.

            Jackie Kweder's kielbasa was the best, by far, of anyone's in the area. Any I ever tasted. Smoked or fresh, it was excellent, and he made it all himself. No filler, all meat, natural casings. I watched him. He was an artist with meat, I swear.

            The closest I can come to Jackie's is Lucky's. Seriously, give them a try. Avoid Kowalonek's, though. That stuff is nasty, but they have their great big following, which I think is more habit than anything else.

            Sorry it took so long to reply to this, but I haven't been very attentive. Good luck.

            1. re: Atlantis

              Does anyone know who this Atlantis person is, or how I can get in contact with them? I only ask because I am the grandson of Jack Kweder and wanted to talk to them about a few things conerning the store.

              You can email me at

              Any help is appreciated.

          1. re: sailbadthesinner

            I'm guessing North East Pennsylvania, sinner.

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              Hey, Pennsylvania is more than Philadelphia. If I have to read you guys writing about looking for something in the northeast and I open it and it means "northeast Philadelphia", then you have to put up with us provincials writing about our own area.

              ;) all in good chow fun, don't take this too seriously! But, if you'd have Googled Olyphant you could have figured out the rest.


            2. I'll have to try that Shenandoah kielbasa!