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Kielbasa in NEPA?

I'm a big fan of Kutsop's Olde World Market in Olyphant, where they make it once a week. Years ago, Catalano's Market, on Cedar Ave., in Scranton, was great until Mr. and Mrs. Catalano retired. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Try Lobitz' catering in Hazleton. It's homemade and always different. Also, the kielbasa at Carone's supermarkets is homemade.


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      Thanks, Tom. I left the area in the early 70's but we return to McAdoo to vist my mom and aunt 4-6 times a year. My wife, a pureblood Yankee and I like to check out the local food and bar scene in the evening.Can you recommend any other good eats in the Hazleton area? Ethnic? Mex/Hispanic. Funky bars?

    2. My family swears by Kowalonek's Kielbasy Shop at 332 Main Street in Shenadoah (down I-81 about 1 hour from Scranton).

      1. Kowalonek's used to be good, but the original guy died, and his kids are putting out an incredibly salty and fatty product. The regulars still line up at holiday times, but, for my money - I'm born and raised in that area - it's not worth it.

        In Shenandoah, though, there is a place called Lucky's Deli, which produces a far superior kilebasa, smoked and fresh, and their other items, which you won't find at Kowalonek's, are just terrific. We always stock up and go nuts whenever we get to Lucky's.

        Good luck. A good loop of kilebasa is a thing of beauty.

        Lucky's Corner Deli
        (570) 462-1447
        720 W Centre St
        Shenandoah, PA 17976

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          do you know anything about Kweder's or Slezosky's? Slezosky's opened a store in Bristol, PA and produced the absolute best fresh kielbasa I ever had. My friends and family can attest as well. They shut down after about 2years, not sure why. From what I can find out, the fresh kielbasa recipe originated from a guy by the name od Zweder, from Shanendoah, Pa. If you have any info on these families or where I can purchase this product please let me know.

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            I grew up on Jackie Kweder's meats. He was our family's butcher and grocer for years and years. I remember going to his wedding, that's how much a part of our family he was! He's gone now, so is his wife, and the kids closed the business. Slezosky was his uncle, his mother's brother, my high school chemistry teacher, no less! Told you it was all in the family. I never knew that they opened a store, but I'm not surprised that it didn't last. It's hard work.

            Jackie Kweder's kielbasa was the best, by far, of anyone's in the area. Any I ever tasted. Smoked or fresh, it was excellent, and he made it all himself. No filler, all meat, natural casings. I watched him. He was an artist with meat, I swear.

            The closest I can come to Jackie's is Lucky's. Seriously, give them a try. Avoid Kowalonek's, though. That stuff is nasty, but they have their great big following, which I think is more habit than anything else.

            Sorry it took so long to reply to this, but I haven't been very attentive. Good luck.

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              Does anyone know who this Atlantis person is, or how I can get in contact with them? I only ask because I am the grandson of Jack Kweder and wanted to talk to them about a few things conerning the store.

              You can email me at kweder14@yahoo.com

              Any help is appreciated.

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            I'm guessing North East Pennsylvania, sinner.

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              Hey, Pennsylvania is more than Philadelphia. If I have to read you guys writing about looking for something in the northeast and I open it and it means "northeast Philadelphia", then you have to put up with us provincials writing about our own area.

              ;) all in good chow fun, don't take this too seriously! But, if you'd have Googled Olyphant you could have figured out the rest.


            2. I'll have to try that Shenandoah kielbasa!


              1. Without a doubt, the Capitol's Kielbasa in Shenandoah, PA. Nothing compared when I lived in NEPA. Hope it is still as good as it always was; hope it is still around.

                Capitol Food Market
                102 East Washington Street
                Shenandoah, PA 17976

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                  Capitol's Kielbasi is the best! I've been buying form them for 10 years, and their product is always excellent. I do not eat salt as an additive to my food, and I am bothered by the use of too much salt. Try Capitol Food Markets kielbasi. My favorite is the fresh, but I have had many compliments from others at my annual party on the smoked. Enjoy!

                2. Fierro's Market in Lattimer Mines (Hazleton), 570-454-0461. Made on the premises, not greasy, very flavorful, and no indigestion afterwards. Meaty, hearty, yum! Maybe I'll get some for lunch today...

                  1. The Best Kielbasa is NEPA can be found every year at the Plymouth Kielbasa Festival. It features Homemade varieties as well as varities produced locally for retail sale. In my opinion, the best I've tasted (which is alot since my fiancee's family is Polish) have come from Komensky's Market (Main St., Duryea), Sabatelle's Market (Main. St, Pittston) and The Hub, which is a small store in Main. St, Dupont. All are homemade and excellent.

                    1. Was in Shenandoah yesterday and thought I'd get Keilbasa for the freezer at Kowaloniks. Forgot they were closed Mondays. I remembered seeing posts about Lucky's and knew they couldn't be too hard to find. There keilbasa is definetly as good as - if not better - than Kowaloniks. As a plus they had some of the best - and spicy - soupies. Unless you know someone that makes soupies it's hard to find good one - and these are. Also carry pepper shooters. ALso tried a sub - there I was disappointed - the bread was nothing special nor was the flavor. Always get Italian subs and there's was mediocore. But I'll go back for the soupies and Keilbasa. THanks for the recommendation.

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                        Well after reading about Lucky's & Kowalneks. I decided to make the trip from Wilkes Barre PA while on vacation last week, yes I agree Kowalnek's is too salty. and lucky's is salty too not as salty as Kowalneks, someone mentioned Capitol market, didn't try it yet, but the person who mentioned Sabatelle's on main st in Pittston, much better leaner and tasty, but it is $2 more per pound and worth every penny, one more place I might mention is good Kielbasa is about a mile up the road in Avoca called Valley Meats small Deli. try their cole claw. Komensky in Duryea is Ok. but as for the first 2 I mentioned. I'll pass this time! one thing I will say for Luck'y Deli and Kowalnek's is they have the deviled crab cakes are out of this world at under $1.50 each. I will make the trip for them.


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                          Komensky's Market in Duryea is more than o.k. - new owners took over the store about 4 years ago and are making the kielbasa the old fashioned way - it is the best is has been since the original owners - the komenksy family - owned the store. The participate in the local kielbasa festival in plymouth and have a fantastic record - In 2004 they came in 1st place for fresh and 2nd place for smoked - in 2005 they came in 2nd for both fresh and smoked - in 2006 they came in 1st place for both smoked and fresh and this year - 2007 they came in 2nd again for both smoked and fresh - I highly recommend a trip to duryea - it is certainly one of the best around

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                            Ooooohhhhh yeeeaaaahhhhh!!!! I got to try Komensky's when I found myself passing through Duryea recently. As much as I like Kutsop's 2X garlic kielbasa, Komensky's is on a whole different level!!!!

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                            A soupie is a type of salami/soprasada. It is a a combination of pork and spices that are dried and then put in a jar of Olive Oil. Very tasty. They have contests in NEPA for the best Soupies.

                        2. I don't know if you are looking for fresh or smoked kielbasa, but I'm a big fan of Shiff's smoked kielbasa. they are located right on Main Ave.

                          1. Fetch's Market in Plymouth or Harry's Market in Wilkes-Barre.

                            1. Kacer' in Waymart. You can order on line and he''ll ship it to you. Tripple Garlic is my favorite. kacerkielbossa.com. 570-488-6145. It's the best that I've had in a long time.

                              1. KIELBASA IN N.E. PA: We had a reunion of the surviving cousins of our generation -- 7 of the 9 of us, along with spouses. All of us grew up with great Polish/Slavic sausage shops and home made products-- some in Detroit, some in the Wheeling/Steubenville coal regions. About 2 years ago (2006). I heard of Kovalonek's in Shenandoah from friends in Central PA, and found their sausage, at that time, to be very much like we remembered from our youth. But, we also agree that since the passing of the senior Mr. K., the kielbasa had lost some of its quality. We found these posts about the NEPA region and on my next trip I got sausage not only from Kovalonek's but also, at two of the recommended shops from this board, from Lucky's Corner Deli and Capitol Market. All are within a few blocks of each other.

                                We had a blind "taste-off" at the reunion with fresh/white kielbasa from each shop. When the "votes" were tallied the unanimous choice of the tasters was for Capitol Market's fresh as the very best of the lot. Lucky's Corner Deli was second and Kovalonek's a close third. It should be said that none of us would consider ANY of these products to be "inferior" in any way. It was great fun and a delicious experience.

                                We were there out of any holiday time, so the only shop that had a good quantity of specialties was Kovalonek's, though the Deli has a wide variety of sausages and other meat products of several ethic varieties.

                                We plan to return before Christmas, perhaps to some of the other shops in the area and indulge ourselves again. We also are going to photograph some of the very old, soon-to-be closed churches in the region.

                                Best wishes,

                                1. Give Bozak's Market in Olyphant a try when visiting NE PA. They've won best Kielbasi for the past 4 or 5 years at the Plymouth Alive Kielbasi Festival. Similar to the old time markets, their rings of smoked kiebasi are lean and bursting with flavor!

                                  1. My name is Christian and I am actually a relative of the Original Catalano's from Cedar Avenue. I recently noticed this when we were looking for memorials because Catherine passed away. Nevertheless the store was sold "Within the Family" Although we moved to our location now on 3014 Birney Avenue Scranton 18505 we still kept all of the same recipes. We still serve the same family recipe for the Kielbasa & italian Sausage.

                                    Kielbasa is available all year, anytime at our store on Birney Avenue. If you would like more information please visit our website at www.stangesquickserve.com or contact me through the website.

                                    Thank You
                                    Christian Stange!

                                    1. I decided to goto Mahanoy City to look for history on my ancestry. My grandfather and his 3 brothers came from Poland around 1890-1900 to work the coal mines in this area. I thought I would try the kielbasa while I was there. Shenandoah, PA is the hotspot for good Kielbasa in that area as other bloggers have noted. I tried Capitol Food Market, Kowalonek's Kielbasy Shop, and Lucky's Corner Deli. If you like Kielbasa lean Capital's is very good. Lucky's was my favorite. Kowaloneks would be 3rd. Kowaloneks does have great scrapple. Lucky's has the Soupie's...never had one until I tasted theirs. Capital Food has very good Lithuanian Rye. The best Iv'e ever had. It's was great with Kielbasa and horseradish. If your in this area give them a try. I also found out about boilo, that's for another time.

                                      Lucky's Corner Deli
                                      720 W Centre St, Shenandoah, PA 17976