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Dec 11, 2006 04:44 PM

A Taste Above

A new business called A Taste Above has recently opened on the northeast corner of Church and Richmond. Based on a visit to their web site ( ) I gather they seem to specialize in selling gourmet takeout food preserved using some sort of proprietary freeze-drying or vaccuum-packing method, which you then heat at home. But the web site is more aimed at potential franchisees than customers, so details are sketchy.

Packaged food sounds offputting at first, but their process sounds interesting and the vibe is definitely "high-end". Has anyone tried this place who can give a quick rundown on what kinds of food they sell, what the price ranges are, and most importantly, if the food is good? Thanks!

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  1. I live a block away and didn't even realize it was open! Will have to take a look see in the next few weeks.

    1. I live in the same 'hood, and I've been curious about this place ever since the window banners went up during renovations. A friend and I were peeking through the window a couple of weeks ago when the owner came over, unlocked the door, and invited us in for an espresso. He told us that the shop was going to offer high-end frozen prepared and sous-vide meals (along with shelf stock of EVOOs, vinegars, mustards, and assorted delicacies).

      He said that they had been having trouble finding knowledgeable people to work in the store, and that was what was delaying their opening. He also said that he hoped customers would see his meals as a less expensive (but from the sound of it, not necessarily an inexpensive) alternative to serious restaurant dining.

      The place looked very inviting--I'm going to try to stop in soon and see whether the food looks equally promising.

      1. I'm moving down to that neighbourhood in April. Hopefully it's open by then!

        1. Will be curious to hear a user experience of this 'sous-vide-fresh' approach.

          1. The original comment has been removed